Note: This document will begin with the unit already added to the estimate. Click on the link below to review how to begin an estimate if applicable. 

Starting an estimate 

Once the customer and unit have been added and selected, click the Add button for a second job or delete  default job 1 then click the Add button again. 

Note: When removing job 1 it is recommended to do so while still in the estimate state. 

Once the plus icon has been clicked, choose Service Manager Pro from the drop down.

Note: If the option is not shown, please contact support at 877-944-6766 to make sure the feature has been setup. 

The following popup will show to send the info to SMP ( service manager pro) click yes

A new screen will open, users will need to login to their SMP account 

Once logged in correctly dealers will see the following popup, click OK 

In the example shown for Service Schedule once the Miles or Months option has been chosen, Click Select Options/Print 

Once  all applicable options have been selected click Send to Repair Order 

Once the user is back at the invoice inside DX1 click on the SMP symbol.  It will refresh then show the title of the added job from SMP. 

Applicable parts 

And unit hours will now show on the RO.  Note: the technician, labor rate, and any discounts will still need to be manually changed if applicable to the repair order

Click Convert To R.O. and finish the Repair Order as normal