Click the Reports tile 

Recommended report: Parts Inventory by Bin Location Range 

Why it's a recommended report: Dealers can filter out by Vendor  then a Bin location rage to see the following information:

Part history ( ordered, received, and sold)

QTY On Hand, QTY Available, and QTY on order

BIN Locations

Current pricing, Cost, and Ext Cost


Recommended Report: Parts Inventory Adjustment History

Why it's a recommended report:  allows dealers to see changes to inventory on a large scale. The following filters can be used:

Date range 

Part Number


Process Type : How the change was made affecting the inventory count ( example: manual adjustment, physical inventory, sales etc...) 

For this example the range is May 1st to May 19th across all vendors where a manual adjustment was made by the dealership 

Recommended Report: Parts Inventory Negative On Hand 

Why it's a recommended report:  Shows dealers where issues with inventory counts and can see if returns are being done correctly