Navigate to the Dashboard.   


Click the Major Unit Reports tile in under the "Customer" tile set.






The list of available reports displays,  Click on the report. 






You can set parameters by selecting specific information from the drop down menus or inputting information in the available fields.



NOTE: Each report will have different parameter options.



Click Preview once you have finished entering the parameters.






You may also use the Expand tab to search within the report. 

Enter the word or phrase, specify if you would like to match case or find the whole phrase by selecting the checkboxes.


Click Search.





NOTE: Some reports will have additional child reports associated with the report. Click on the link for the child report and use the back keys to return to the parent report.



You may export and save the report as a PDF, Word Document, Image File, MHTML Web Archives, or Excel Workbook by selecting the option you prefer by selecting the Export icon. From there, choose






Click the Print icon to print the report.