Note: When working with ANY Invoice, each user will need to click save button at least every 20 minutes.  If a user walks away from the open Invoice without saving within that 20 minute time frame changes to the Invoice will be lost!

Part 1: Receiving the Consignment unit

From the DX1 Dashboard click on the Major Unit Management Tile

Choose Receiving Without PO from the menu on the left hand side. 

Use the filters for Manufacturer, Year, Model, and Color ( if applicable) Click search

All available public model information will appear in the box.  Only ten units will show on the first page.  Any additional units will be on the following page.   Scroll to the right the available color options will be shown.  This allows the dealer to input the proper information about the unit. Once the proper unit is chosen click on the unit then the  Add Selected button in the upper right hand corner. 

Click on the unit to be received.  all boxes with a red edge on the left hand side are required.  This example will break the required boxes into two sections.

Section 1:

Condition: New or Used

Vendor: Who the dealership has purchased the unit from (note: vendors must be added prior to the unit being received for information to appear in the dropdown box)

PO #: Any value can be placed in this field but something must be in the box in order to receive the unit

Invoice #: Any value can be placed in this field but something must be in the box in order to receive the unit

Section 2:

A; VIN Number: Dx1 does not VIN match through DMV however a program is used to find matching data based on OEM information.  If matching VIN information is found the words Valid VIN will appear in green underneath the VIN box.

Note: If Dx1 does not find a match for the entered VIN Invalid VIN will appear in gold underneath the VIN box.  This will not prevent the user from putting the unit into inventory.

B. Stock Number: This number will either be auto generated by Dx1 based on the settings asked for the by the dealership or created manually by typing in the Stock # box.

C. Engine # the dealership may not use engine numbers but something must be put into this box.

D. Odometer: current milage on the unit, if brand new zero can be put into this box

E. Miles or Hours

Because this is a consignment unit the dealer will want to mark the unit as paid so a payable entry is not created for QuickBooks.  If using public data the DSP will match MSRP automatically so the dealer will need to decide if they want to change that info.   Leave the cost at zero.  Click Save in the upper right hand corner to add the unit into inventory. 

Part 2: Selling the consignment unit

Add the consignment unit to a new quote then click Save in the upper right hand corner, this will create a quote #.  Click the edit pencil next to the unit 


Click on Pricing from the menu on the left hand side.  update the Cost then click Save

Click on Invoice Details then Total amount Due in the lower right hand corner.  

The new cost will now be reflected in the profitability screen.  If the profit percentage is not reflected click the Update Profit button to ensure the proper amount of profit is being reflected based on the change in the cost of the unit. 

 Convert to a deal and complete the sale as needed.