Click on Events 

Any upcoming or previous events that have been created will show on the main screen.  Click the Add button.

Once the Event is clicked on, Users may Edit or Delete the event 

All Red edged fields are required.  The RSVP toggle when activated will require the customer to add their email so the dealer can get an idea of who may be coming to the event.  Fill out all applicable information about the event ( date, time, address etc…….)  Use the drop down to choose if an event will repeat daily, weekly, or monthly or set to All Day with the toggle.

When the All Day toggle is activated the times will be removed. 

Users can add more detail to the description with the boxes shown. The editor is enhanced  and supports HTML, Links, Video Links and Additional Photos.

Note: The section below for the Event Photo is separate from the Event information.  The Event Photo will be what the customer will see for the event itself. When clicked on then the customer will see the details of the event. 

Click the checkbox in the lower left hand corner to send the event to the website.  

Click Save in the upper right hand corner once done. 

The event now shows in the main events page.

And on the dealership website.