Click the Newsletters tile

Choose New Newsletter from the menu on the left

 All red edged fields are required.  Once filled in click Save 

Choose a Template.  Both types of templates allow the user to make changes to the content.  The Save  & Continue button will light up once a template has been chosen 

To make changes hover the mouse over the section that needs to be changed. For this example the headline will be changed. 

Four icons are available to make changes 

1. The box can be moved around with the arrows icon 

2. The Edit pencil to change what is written 

3. The X to remove the information 

4. The drop down checker box that will change the color 

Example: changing the text for the Headline box 

Note: For this example the old text has to be deleted.

After clicking the Edit pencil users can delete and add new text.  Additional format changes are shown above the text box, Once done click Save 

Five options to add to the newsletter:

Text box

Images ( from the PC)




Example: adding inventory to the newsletter

Click and drag the module to be added 

Search for  the unit out of inventory using the  drop down boxes as shown.  Click the box next to the unit then Add Selected

Unit information from inventory will show.  The customer can click on the More Information link to be taken to the dealership website where a lead can be generated. 

Once all modules have been added and changes made click Save and Continue in the upper right hand corner.  Choose all or a subscriber group then click Save and Continue

Review the newsletter.  If changes need to be made click Design Newsletter from the menu on the left.  If all is correct click Save and Continue

Three test emails can be sent before the newsletter goes out. Click Send or Send Later to schedule the newsletter to go out at a certain date.