A Favorites tile has been added to the dashboard.  

The feature allows the user to do the following:

1. Set "Favorite" tiles

To set Favorite tile click on the gear as shown 

Choose from the available tiles based on the users permissions by clicking the drop down arrows.  A maximum of tiles can be set under favorites 

Click on the right hand side to drag and change the order the tiles will be shown under the favorites tile 

In the example above Inventory Management will now be be the first tile listed from left to right.  Click Save

2. View the most recently opened items

Note: Recently Viewed shows only the last 10 opened items 

The recently viewed item can also be clicked on

A new tab will open for the recently viewed item itself 

Note: The added favorites will follow the user ( example: if the user is on a parts computer, then switches to the service PC the tiles will show up when they login to the other PC) 

Note: If the user moves to a different PC the Recently Viewed  WILL NOT show under the favorites tab.

Note: To turn off the favorites tile, Those with the proper permissions will need to go into the users section.

Search for the user then click into their profile. Scroll down to the primary and secondary role drop boxes are shown.

Click the custom permissions toggle to the on position, this will allow for changes to be made.  If the toggle is already on, then scroll down to the favorites area.  Uncheck the box and then click Save. 



The favorites tile has now been removed