Marketing/DMS Release July 12th, 2021

Updates / Features in this Release


Lead Detail Page Updates

We have updated Lead Detail page layout to make it more user friendly by organizing the lead contact and status information at the top of the lead, added in the ability to convert a lead to a customer with a click of a button and simplified the create a quote process by allowing a sales rep to be assigned and a unit of interest to be designated from the Create Quote pop-up.  Additionally, once the quote is created , the user is taken to the invoice automatically when the page refreshes.

To convert a lead to a customer,

  • Click on Convert to Customer button at the top of the lead detail page

    • The Convert a Customer button will not display on the working sales page if the lead is already associated to  a customer

  • Add additional customer information that is required to create a customer.

  • Click Save and customer record is created 

  • A System Generated Note is created detailing customer record was created by username and create date

To Create a Quote from lead detail page,

  • Click on Create a Quote at the top of the page

    • Add UOI if it is missing

    • Add Sales person if no salesperson was assigned

  • Click Save

Marketing Brochure Icon on  MU Deal grid and MU Inventory

You can now access Sales Brochure from Inventory detail for MU Inventory , MU Deal grid and MU Inventory detail in Deal pages in DX1. Simply click on the Brochure button/icon on those pages to view, download or print marketing sales brochures for the associated unit.

MU Inventory Detail Page

MU Deal Page

MU Deal - Inventory Detail page



Commissions - Phase 2

You can now set up and configure default Commission Types and then apply them to MU Quotes and Deals at any point. This enables you to clearly see how the commissions will impact overall deal profitability.

DX1 Commissions allow you to:

  • Set up default Commission Types for the dealership

  • Assign a Primary, Secondary and F&I Salesperson to each deal for more accurate commission reporting and deal management.

  • Automatically apply and where necessary split commissions if a default commission type is set.

  • View the estimated unit and invoice profitability with commission included.

  • Reporting after the deal has been posted.

Help doc: 

Hangtags - Phase 2

We bring to you a new version of Hangtags with improved cosmetics and formatting.  Below is the list of updates we made.

  • QR Code takes customers to the unit on the dealer website, if listed.

  • Choose which parameters you would like to include on the Hang Tag.
    • Invoice Summary - All estimated charges for the major unit invoice.
    • Taxes and Fees - All estimated Taxes and Fees that would be charged if the unit was added to a deal for a customer with the same zip code as the dealership.

    • Parts Details - Description and Price for any Installed and or Non-Installed parts that will be added to the deal price

  • A Custom Hang Tag Disclaimer Message can be added in Dealership Settings / Major Unit Settings / Hang Tag Disclaimer.

Help Doc: 

Polaris Ride Ready Integration

Our integration with Polaris Ride Ready allows all authorized dealers to Review and Accept (or Reject) service appointments created in the Ride Ready System without leaving DX1.  

When an appointment is Accepted it automatically creates a new Work Estimate in DX1 and populates the Work Estimate with as many details from the original appointment as possible (Customer, unit, notes, labor, parts etc).

Help Doc: 

Toast Notifications Implementation

We have had a number of DX1 users point out that there are many unnecessary clicks in the DX1 work flows.

In this release we have removed a number of the Save and Refresh notifications which each required a click and have replaced them with “Toast Notifications”. Toast notifications are small messages that show up in a box and disappear on their own after a few seconds. They do not require a click and do not prevent users from moving to the next step of the workflow.

Some examples:

  • Printing invoices (require Save or Save and Refresh)

  • Requesting parts or service from a new Quote (requires a Save)

  • Going to a parts or service invoice from an MU Deal (requires a Save)

Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release


  • Fixed an issue where user could not export brochure to word using windows 10 app

  • Lead Setting : Fixed an issue where turning off the SMS feature in dealership settings did not take off SMS option in Notification/Assignment

  • DMS Connector: Fixed -Approved Units Should Follow 'Hide Price' in MU Settings on Creation

Major Units

  • Fixed an issue where the user got an error message when going to the second unit after selecting the F & I term in the first unit.

  • Major Unit Invoice - Fixed an issue that caused the “Go to Invoice” button at Request Part/Service Invoice not to work in certain scenarios.


  • Receiving Summary - Fixed Receiving summary not always displaying the full invoice number

  • Part Vendor Return - Fixed issue where item Cost always showed as $0 after a part was added using the All Fields search

  • Fixed Parts receiving screen not holding retail price changes

  • Receiving without PO - Fixed an issue with creating a new part when receiving without PO

  • All Fields Search - Added Bin Locations

  • Fixed an issue where prices on already picked up parts changed on invoices in certain scenarios.


  • Fixed an issue where the confirm to save message did not appear when clicking on the 'Receipt' button on the Job information page.


  • Fixed an issue where the email feature for reports was not working correctly.

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2021-07-12

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