Marketing/DMS Release March 15th, 2021

Updates / Features in this Release


 Monthly Pricing

We now bring you the ability to add Monthly Payment for any unit on your listing inventory to display on your website. To add monthly payment on a unit, select the Monthly Payment section under Pricing, enter the financing terms and click save.

The calculated Monthly payment along with loan term, interest rate, and down payment will appear on the unit listing. A disclaimer is included.

Help Documentation on Monthly Payment

*This feature will release over the next week and not be fully available to all dealers until March 22

Facebook Marketplace - Display All Inventory

We have made some changes to our facebook marketplace data feed to include all marked units (New and Used) to be listed in Facebook Marketplace. This will vastly increase the amount of listings for our dealers in Facebook Marketplace.

Disclaimer added to All Web Forms

A disclaimer has been added to all forms concerning dealers' use of form information for marketing purposes.


Parts and Service Invoice "Receipt Type"

This feature gives you the option to print your Parts and Service receipts in the traditional format and also gives you the option to send them electronically via SMS Text message or as an Email attachment. Other options in the window include the ability to hide part numbers, send invoices internally, and one time use SMS and Email communications for cash customers.

Some of you may not want the Receipt Type Popup to come up when completing Parts and Service Invoices, if this is the case there is a setting in Dealership Settings / General Information where you can turn this off.

Help Documentation on Receipt Type

Parts - Open Layaway Parts Report  

We have always had a report that allows you to keep track of your not yet picked up Special Orders items, but not one to keep track of your not yet picked up Layaway items. Thus, we have now added a new report called Open Layaway Report  under Parts Reports that includes all parts that are currently on layaway (not yet picked up).

Parts Inventory Min-Max ReOrder report Update  

We have updated the “Parts Inventory Min-Max ReOrder Report” to include Quantity Sold for Last 12 Months. We believe this update can provide you with better information to determine Min/Max Settings.

Bin Locations Enhancement - Phase 2

To complement previous Bin enhancements to parts and service invoicing we added additional enhancements to part receiving and part inventory searches.

  • We have added Bins 2 and 3 to:

    • Receiving Session Summary

    • Receiving Without a PO

    • Receiving Session Summary Printout

    • “Enter” label to Now Make User Aware it is Modifiable

  • The ability to search parts inventory by “Bins”

  • Displays all three Bin locations in the Parts inventory grid with drop down options other than Bins

Chart Enhancements 

To make the MU and Parts Inventory Charts easier to read we updated the formatting to the parts and service charts:

  • Horizontal Layout of Data - allows full display of data labels

  • Data Values added to bars to make it clearer

*This change requires a DX1 Windows 10 App update

Order Export Files  

To make it easier for dealers and to reduce errors we have added the option for Harley and EZGO dealers to export Parts order files.

The actual export process is the same as it is for all other parts vendors

*This change requires a DX1 Windows 10 App update

Show all Open Invoice numbers when posting an MU Deal

There are scenarios where a deal can not be posted because of an open Parts and or Service invoice and it is not always easy to track down the open invoices.

To make this process more efficient and transparent we now display a complete list of ALL invoices that are preventing a deal from being Posted.

Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release


  • Fixed Non stop loading issue on Showroom setting tab in Listing Inventory tile

  • Fixed an issue where links added after Newsletter was once saved and continued wouldn't save

  • Fixed an issue where manually entered 'Date Sold' was Cleared When Quote was Converted to Deal

Major Units

  • Consistent MU Invoicing Grid Navigation Optimization - Phase 2

  • Added Electric Bicycles as a MU Category as well as the associated Model Types and Body Types

  • Added additional Model Types for BMW and Harley to allow proper accounting mapping


  • Fixed- Collected tax percentage showing different from parts invoice to RO

  • Fixed an issue where certain VIN configurations printed on two lines instead of one

  • Fixed an issue where the tax rate icon for a Shipping line item displayed an incorrect rate when tax was overridden

  • Merged the 5 BRP catalogs to one “BRP”

  • Added Public SuperATV parts catalog and merged private catalogs for over 200 dealers


  • Fixed - There should be no scenario where a Technician can Clock Out with a time prior their Clock In

  • SMS Notifications - Fixed an issue where cancelled service appointments were still getting appointment reminders


  • Discard Changes Warnings - We have now cleaned up all known invalid warnings

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2021-03-15

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