Marketing/DMS Release February 8th, 2021

Updates / Features in this Release

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Customer Support Resources ( Help Menu )

Need help in the middle of doing something in DX1? You can now connect to DX1 support in a click no matter what page you are on. We have combined all our support resources under the Help menu in the upper right corner of DX1 blue bar. 

Chat : Click on the chat icon and a live representative will be right at your service.

Open Ticket: You can submit a support ticket directly from DX1. We have also added the ability for you to take a screenshot of the issue you are reporting directly from the form .

Learn Live: You are able to take guided tours of popular DX1 features from our Learn Live option. 


Service Hours

Are your service hours different from your store hours?

We have got a solution for you!

You now have an option to display service hours on your website .

To activate:

  • Simply toggle ON service hours settings in DX1 Dealership Settings.

  • Input your service hours

  • Save your changes

  • Add Service hour module on your website

Your service hours are now displayed on your website.

Showroom Zoom Image

Many of you have asked us to be able to zoom the image for a better view of the vehicle. We are happy to say that we have heard your request. We have now enhanced our photos by including the ability to zoom into every image. Click on the magnifying glass icon on the left corner or simply click on the image and a larger image, when available, will pop up.


Major Unit Hang Tags

This feature gives you a quick easy way to print out hang tags for each of your units

Hang tags can be printed from the inventory detail page and include the following elements:

  • Price - unit's selected Current Price

  • Estimated Freight

  • Estimated Setup

  • Estimated Other

  • Estimated Fees - List of all standard fees

  • Accessories - Price for any installed and or Non installed parts

  • Labor for Accessories - Price for any Service work

  • Estimated Sales Tax - Sum of all Taxes that would be charged if the unit was added to a deal for a customer with the same zip code as the dealership

  • Estimated Total Price

Example Hang Tag:

Help documentation on creating Hang Tags

Bin Location Enhancements - Phase 1

We have added BIN locations to parts/service invoices grid.  By adding Bin locations to the Parts Invoice Grid as well as the Parts grid within the Service invoice, we now give dealers accurate information for all three bin locations for all inventory items listed within the parts invoice grids. This also allows dealers to use the pick tickets to efficiently locate and find parts within the dealership. 

  • Added Bins 1,2,3 to the Parts Invoice and the Service Invoice Parts Lists.

  • Added Bins 1,2,3 to Pick Tickets

  • Added Bins 1,2,3 to Service Part Details

Help documentation on Bin Location

MU Dashboard Chart - Inventory Quantity by Body Type Chart

To make it easier for you to quickly and easily see your current MU inventory unit counts we have updated the content of this chart

  • Now shows unit count instead of value

  • Split by Body Type so we can fit everything onto the chart

  • The default view on the chart shows New units only.

  • You may change the view to show used units only or both new and used units by clicking on the chart icon and making your selection.

  • Hovering over the data bar show inventory quantities

Help Documentation on MU Dashboard Chart

MU Commissions

We have added a simple easy way for you to configure and apply commissions to MU Sales deals

You can now:

  • Click on the “Commission Type” tile in the Accounting section to Configure three standard Commission Types, MU Sales, F&I and Parts & Service 

  • You then have the option to apply those commission types to deals once they have been posted

  • You can review all the commissions by Sales Person and deal in the MU Sales Commissions report

 Help documentation on How to Set Up MU Commission

Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release


  • Added logic -'DX1 Resources tile Set' should be checked in manage by default

  • Fixed an issue where SMS lead notifications saved even when all selected users did not have Mobile Phone

Major Units

  • Mouse Navigation Field Highlighting Consistency - MU Invoicing

  • Optimized MU Invoice Navigation behavior (keyboard and mouse) 


  • Fixed an issue where parts invoice history within part number did not always load

  • Cost used for Ordering, Receiving and Returns should always be Price Book

  • Fixed an issue where invoice 1406 was showing negative profit incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue where Cub Cadet file did not sync to dealership with the newest date

  • Added a logic to prevent a user from adding shipping before ship to remove taxes for parts 

  • Filter any catalog but It does not work at Vendor Return (Part Inventory dialog)


  • Fixed an issue where certain JEs failed to post to QBs

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to reprint cashier reconciliation for anything other than 2020 Dates


  • Fixed - Discard Changes warning coming up when it should not - Phase 2

  • Added Customer for filtering the data in DX1 Part Deal API

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2021-02-08

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