Part 1: Commissions Setup 

Under Accounting click on Commission Type

Commissions can be set for F&I, MU Sales, and Parts and Service.  Click the Edit pencil on the left to set the default amount for each 

Set the Min Commissions Amount and Commissions Percentage  then click Save 


Min Commission Amount: This is the minimum dollar amount the salesperson will be paid 

Commissions Percentage: This percentage will be used to calculate the sales persons commission amount based on the sale profit

Part 2: Applying Commissions 

Note: To use the Commissions feature the unit must be fully Posted and be in the History section of Major Unit Sales. 

Click the Menu in the upper right hand corner then choose Commissions 

Click the Plus mark in the upper left hand corner of the pop up box. 

Click the drop down under Commission Type. 

Note: MU Sales will be the default for the drop down 

How the Commissions are calculated:

MU Sales: MU Sale Profit for Commissions = (MU DSP + Setup DSP + Freight DSP + Other DSP + Trade-In Profit - Pack Amount) - (MU Cost + Charge to MU Parts & Service + Trade-In Cost)

In the example shown below, the minimum commission amount for the Sales Person is $100 with a commission percentage of 10%.  When a Commission Type is first selected the percentage and commission amount will be based on the settings for that commission type.    DX1 automatically calculates the commission percentage and what the sales person will make on the commission based on the profit in the sale. Users may still change these values if applicable. Once done click Save 

The salesperson's name will show on the left with the commission amount to be paid on the far right.  Click the plus icon to add additional commission types if applicable 

 Changes can be made to remove or edit using the icons shown 

Parts/Service: This commission is made up of the DSP for installed, non installed and requested parts and service minus the costs for those parts and service

Example of an added Parts and Service Commission Type 

F&I Products: This commission type is made up of Aftermarket, GAP, PPM and Warranties 

Example of an F&I Commissions Type

Commissions and Reports: Dealers can use the MU Sales Commission Report to see the total commission payout to each sales rep at the end of the period. 

Click the Reports tile

then click on Major Unit Sales Commission Report 

Set the report parameters on the left then click View Report