Operations/DMS Release July 13, 2020

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

SMS Text Messaging

  • 2-Way SMS Text Messaging - We have added the ability to send manual SMS Text Messages to your customers as well as the ability to receive responses

    • Send and Receive SMS Text Messages
    • Movable Window - Allow for copy and paste from main page into messages
    • Send and Receive MMS Messages as attachments
      • 5 MB Size Limit
      • JPEG
      • PNG
      • GIF
    • Customer Communication History
    • Create custom templates for manually sent messages
      • Repair Order Authorizations
      • SO Pick Up Reminders
      • Happy Birthdays
      • Etc...
    • Call Routing - Route customer calls to the SMS Text Messaging phone number to the dealerships phone numbers
      • Available for New and Existing Dealers
    • Link to Help

Major Units

  • Sell F&I products after MU Sale - You now have the option to sell JUST F&I products to your customers, you no longer need to create a dummy unit to do this. Look for the new “F&I Sales” tab which can be found in the MU Sales section

  • Balloon Financing - In the MU Deal Financing section you now have the option to enter the details required for a Balloon loan

  • Copy a Private or Public model - In Model Management you now have the ability to copy both Private and Public models to create a new private model, this should really help during model year transitions.


  • Parts Ordering - Catalog - Minimum Order Amount

    • Set the minimums per vendor catalog for free shipping
    • Orders will display in Red text until the minimum has been met

    • Orders will display in Green text once the minimum has been met

  • Turned On integrated BRP Parts Ordering for all BRP dealers that have signed the integration agreement

    • Select the Ship To address, the Shipping Method will depend on the Ship To address selected

    • Add, Remove or change the Qty of parts

    • Validate and a Submit buttons, the Submit button will be disabled until the user successfully validates the order

    • Show invoice level warnings from the validation response above the parts grid

    • If the Validation process updates the Qty or the Cost of any parts we will highlight them in red

    • Show the returned UOM for each part

    • Show the returned Availability and Warehouse so the user knows when and where the part will come from

    • If the validation returns any item level Alerts we will display a "!" that the user can hover over to see the returned alert detail

    • If there are any Additional Amounts associated with the order (Freight, Handling, Core Charges, Discounts etc) they will be included in the "Fees / Other" and they will be added to the order total

System Updates

  • Move logic update IsSpecOverrided to SP

  • Upgrade to DataFactory V2

  • Update Nugets


  • Set Default AP / AR Mappings for dealers that only have One AP or AR account

    Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release


  • MU Sales - Completed deal showing balance due / causing OOB accounting entries 


  • Parts Ordering - New PO Print Preview does not populate 

  • The icon color in the pickup/refund part invoice is incorrect when no part received with backorder

  • Incorrect cost when submit microfiche to part ordering


  • Cannot add part in the standard job template

  • Parts Under ROs being taxed based on Customer Location

  • Service Sales - Customer history within RO does not load 

  • Service Parts - Microfiche button within RO unresponsive 

  • Cannot upload photo in the RO - The parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter 'productId' of non-nullable type 'System.Guid'


  • Error Log - Issue with sprodpod1.dx1app.com DX1Web POST ServiceInvoicing/SaveScheduleAppointment

*Release # D2020-07-13; D2020-07-07; D2020-06-29

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