DX1 DMS/Operations Release April 13, 2020

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

SMS Text Message and Email Notifications

  • We have enhanced our current feature of Parts Order Notifications and have added Notifications for Service Repair Orders and Service Schedule Appointment Confirmations and Reminders.


  • Yamaha - Parts Factory Availability - In Parts Invoicing, click on the Yamaha logo beside the part description to immediately look up Yamaha factory availability of the part.

  • Yamaha - Unit information, Warranty Information, Service bulletin lookup - In Service, click on the Yamaha logo beside the VIN in Unit Information to pull up the Unit’s details, Warranty Information and any Service Bulletins / Recalls (includes links to the service bulletins) this information is requested and returned in real time from the Yamaha system.   

  • Honda - Recall lookup - also in Service you can now click on the Honda icon beside the VIN to check with Honda if that unit has any recalls. 

  • Kawasaki - Recall lookup  - also in Service you can now click on the Kawasaki icon beside the VIN to check with Kawasaki if that unit has any recalls Yamaha API - Parts Availability


  • Parts Ordering - WPS Phase 2 - We released phase one of WPS Parts Ordering about a year ago and now based on your feedback we have made significant enhancements including:

    • Immediately showing availability of each part by warehouse location

    • Allowing you to add, remove or change quantities of parts directly from a Cart before you submit it

    • Validate the Cart before you Submit it to make sure part numbers, quantities and costs are correct

    • Cart Validation will also clearly show you if parts are immediately Available or are on Backorder before you actually submit the order

    • If any alerts are returned they will be clearly highlighted with a red “!” beside the part line

    • For help using the new features please review the WPS Parts Ordering help document

Major Units

  • Major Unit Cost Field Name Changes - In an effort to reduce confusion we have renamed the labels of all the Cost fields in the Major Unit Pricing tab. 

 Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release


  • Some Accounting transactions would not post  

  • Installed Parts sometimes Not Being Taxed at Rate Based On Customers Location 

  • Accounting App - Composite Report Export buttons missing

  • Parts Sales / Accounting - Invoice starting at the wrong tax percentage - Phoenix

  • Parts Sales - New Ponderay ID Tax Laws 

  • Void of parts sales is not reversing accounting entries

  • Picked up a SO part tied to a completed unit sale DX1 did not un-complete the accounting entries for the unit sale

Major Unit

  • Major Units - Unable to Post Deal due to Error

  • MU Sales - Dealer unable to open MU Invoices 437, 438 & 439


  • Parts Sales - Dealer unable to un-complete part sale

  • Parts Shipping Tax needs to be charged at the "Ship To" customer rate

  • Microfiche - Fiche Not Pulling Proper QoH nor QA for part numbers


  • Parts Inventory Adjustment History report returns no results if filtered by Process Type


  • BRP Vehicle Spec API Returning an error

  • Error in the Honda Financial Report Query

*Release # D2020-03-12, D2020-03-16, D2020-03-18, D2020-04-01, D2020-04-13

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