Marketing Release, November 18, 2019

Marketing Updates / Features in this Release

TLP can now receive Contact Us leads

We added Contact Us lead settings under destination settings for TLP. This  setting will be OFF by default.  Contact us lead will be transmitted to TLP when the setting is ON.


Ability to Hide Slideshow on mobile devices

Dealers have now option to hide slideshow on mobile devices. This setting is OFF by default for all new sites.


Staff Module available to all
Staff module is now available to all website customers.


Event Details templates Updated

We updated event detail template to fix the alignment issue we used to have in event detail page.

Shift Digital (Harley) Lead Update

Leads will now include Stock# and VIN in the details when we send them to Shift.

Website Lead Routing

We added Lead routing options in Dealership Destination Detail. Now the dealers have options to route  inventory lead  to the dealership attached to the website regardless of where the unit physically resides.


New Templates for Tier 1 gallery Design

We added template options for Tier 1 gallery designs when creating a site

 Marketing Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Fixed an issue where page-specific SEO content was not displaying

  • Fixed an issue where images flipped in slideshow and staff module

  • Fixed an issue where web admin users could not add pages

  • Fixed an issue where staff module was not able to deploy

  • Fixed an issue on event detail page  where RSVP By Email form was misaligned.

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