Release Notification: DX1 DMS/Operations Release November 12th

Operations (DMS) Updates / Features in this Release

  • Service
    • Refactor Technician Reports - Recently we have received a number of questions asking us which of the three Service Technician / Job reports should be used for a given purpose as well as why the numbers did not align across the reports.  To address this we have renamed and made some changes to these reports so that they now each have a clear name, description and the data returned in each is clear and appropriate for the report’s purpose.  We have also created a help document that outlines each report and how it should be used.

     Operations (DMS) Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Accounting
    • Employee Time Clock - Cannot edit Time In / Time Out
  • Parts
    • Search clears your navigation in fiche

  • Major Unit
    • Error - PdfReader not opened with owner password
  • System
    • Verifone Integration - Removed Cancel button from the screen
    • Change commandtimeout for dx1.uspGetPartSearch to be 120 sec

*Release # D2018-11-12

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