The DX1 team has continued its release of multiple important and useful feature requests and product improvements that target streamlining workflows, increasing efficiency, engaging consumers, driving revenue, and building advocates for your dealership.

For a full list of all release notifications with more information, click here.

Below is a recap of all the features, upgrades, and enhancements that have been released so far in 2022! If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager.

Note: Some topics may have a hyperlink to a related article in DX1 Help



  • Ecommerce:

  • Custom Button on listings page with options for custom text and/or custom URL

  • New Agolia Sorting Option: Years Newest to Oldest

  • Sold Units stay on Websites

  • Website Updates:

    • Update to the Open Lead form customizable on detail pages

    • Make VIN available on the Listing pages

    • Make the "I'm Interested" pop-up form in Showroom Grid configurable

    • In-Stock flag for those showroom models that have a corresponding inventory unit

  • Rackspace migration

    • Rackspace API for Email Management

    • Email management and link

  • OEM Promotions update

    • Ability to change the default order

    • Create custom order of manufacturers

    • Sort options including by Manufacturer, end and start dates

  • Spotlight image handling for alternating OEMs in position 1


  • Mobile optimization for Leads grid

  • Direct Leads link on Notifications

  • Send ADF leads to up to 3 different destinations

  • Check on Open Leads before deleting prospects and customers


  • Mobile optimization for Listings grid

  • MSRP Custom Toggle

  • Retain custom photos and videos when transferring MUs between dealerships

  • DMS Connector Updates

    • Update for ZiiDMS API

    • Populate Odometer Values

    • Do not change Offers and Charges

    • Run the sync 4 times a day

OEM Programs

  • BRP SmartSite Enhance Inventory module

  • BMW landing page changes

  • BMW updated forms language and leads send

  • Polaris Tagging - part 2

  • Report Update for Polaris: include all dealers

  • New Pixel Program for Polaris ORV Dealers

  • BRP SmartSite work for redesigned and deployed landing pages in Q12023

Mobile Optimization

  • Responsive Listing Grids 

  • Responsive Leads Grid 

  • Make Navigate To visible on phones

  • Add a Phone Link to the Help menu


  • Internal MessengerAllows direct real-time communication between all DX1 users within an organization, this should really improve communication and traceability of communication between departments.


New Integrations Available:


  • Add Additional Fields for Data Conversion, Database, Views, AR Data Models, UI, Forms XML and API

  • Submit an Idea - We have made it easier for you to submit an idea (feature request) directly from any screen in DX1. Simply select the “Submit an Idea” option from the Help menu or DX1 Resources tileset and Submit your ideas and feature request in any areas in DX1. You can also review, comment and like previously submitted ideas by selecting the “Submitted Ideas” option.

  • Recurring Customer Notifications - The goal with this one was to give you an automated way to continue to remind your customers about partially or fully received SO invoices that have not been picked up and ROs with all jobs completed that have not been closed.


  • Clover Terminals

  • Gift Cards - Gift Cards are a great way to improve customer retention and to increase overall dealership revenue.  DX1 now offers a fully integrated Gift Card solution for all DMS dealers, no terminals are required and everything can be done right in the browser. 

  • E-Payments - Make life easier for your customers and get paid faster with DX1 E-Payments. No need to place a phone call or punch in credit card numbers- send requests for deposits or payments by email or text message directly from an invoice.


  • Lost Sales - With the goal to increase parts sales, this new feature is designed to help you identify Lost Part Sales, the potential reason, and to give you the option to quickly add that part to the ordering list.  We have also added a new Lost Part Sales report to help you review the captured data.

  • Parts Order Exports for Stihl Northeast and Husqvarna Power Equipment

  • Physical Inventory - As we transition our focus from Service to Parts and due to the time of year we thought it would be a great time to enhance the DX1 Physical Inventory process.  Over the past 2 months, based on feedback from many of you and newly available technology, we have done a major revamp to this DX1 Feature.  Some of the key things we did:

    • Added a mobile interface that allows multiple people to count inventory right on their mobile phones in real-time, no need for scanners or count sheets anymore

    • Added real-time updating so a manager can at a glance see how the counting is going part by part

    • Cleaned up all of the known issues with the previous version

  • Allocate Special Order Parts - Allocating special order parts to open purchase orders can be an important strategy for making sure your customers receive their parts as soon as possible.  On the ordering screen, DX1 now highlights in orange any SO part that is already on order and allows you to quickly allocate that part to the existing PO.

  • CFMOTO Parts Fiche Now Available

  • + New DX1 Tab -  In the navigation section of the DX1 dashboard, we have now added a button labeled “+ New DX1 Tab” that allows you to easily open a new DX1 tab in a browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, both browsers supported by DX1.


  • Job Indicators - The goal here was to give you a fully customizable process for defining the state of each job.  You have full flexibility to define your own list of Job Indicators, pick a color for each and the order you want to display them.  And yes, you can see and update these right from the service invoice list and the invoice job details pages.

  • Completed Job Date & Reports - When you complete a Job you can now specify the specific date it was completed, this enables much more accurate service reporting, we have added the following Completed Job reports:

    • Detailed

    • Totals by Service Writer

    • Part Totals by Parts Salesperson

    • Technician Hours

  • Expandable Service Invoice List - The goal with this one was to offer a visually pleasing, fully customizable experience in the Service invoice list, while optimizing navigation across all workflows, this one you have to see to believe but here are a few teasers:

    • Expand the invoice level summary to see all the unit and job details right from the invoice list

    • Full list customization - Show or hide 30+ columns, set column widths and the order you want

    • See if appointments are scheduled and when or even schedule an appointment right from the list

    • Advanced compound search lets you find exactly what you need in seconds

  • Service Smart Assistant

  • F&I Unit Status and Notifications - Gives you the ability to add and or see F&I products sold with or after a unit sale from the Service Invoice and or Grid.  This puts additional critical information at your fingertips when building an RO. 

  • Service Scheduler Enhancements

    • The following fields / options have been added to the Schedule Appointment page:

    • Unit Location

    • Job Indicator

    • Key Board #

    • Print Tech Job Sheet

    • Select a Standard Job

  • Standard Job Improvements - You can now copy any existing job to create a new Standard Job, you can now also search for a Standard Job by typing any word in the title.  Both of these should save a lot of time and clicks.

  • Service Invoice Notes - to improve accountability all service invoice notes now indicate who created them and when. 

  • Voided Jobs and Location - to remove clutter, voided jobs no longer show on the invoice detail page but can still be accessed from the left menu.

  • Service Fees

    • Default Fees - you can now set one or more default fees that will automatically be added to all newly created Jobs. 

    • Fee Caps - you can now set a Minimum and or a Maximum for any percentage-based fee.

  • New Style Service “Active” Invoice List - We have now transitioned 100% to the new invoice list style, referred to as “Active Invoices” in the Service Sales left navigation menu. This replaces the previous Work Estimate and Repair Order pages in the left navigation menu. You will find new drop-down options in the Active Invoices search criteria. In this drop-down, you can decide to view Work Estimates, Repair Orders, or as a new feature, you can select to see All invoice types.

  • Service Bulletin Notification Icons - added to the service invoice list for Polaris, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha. 

  • Service Warranty User Interface - optimized screen layout to make it easier to use

  • Setting - Prevents Techs from clocking into more than one job at a time, this will improve reporting accuracy and help prevent fraud

New Reports

  • New Unit Service History report - this new report lists the entire service of a unit and is accessible from the Service Invoice grid, within a Service invoice, the customer’s garage, or as a standard Service report.

  • New Technician W-Time report - This report compares a technician's dealership Time Clock hours with their Actual and Allocated hours for completed jobs to show Efficiency, Proficiency, and Productivity.

  • Service - Job Completed

    • Detailed

    • Totals by Service Writer

    • Part Totals by Parts Salesperson

    • Technician Hours

  • Service Performance Metrics Report - This new report provides users in the service department with a full set of metrics which will help them monitor how things are going in the department currently, month over month, and even for the same time last year.

  • Lost Sales Report

  • Physical Inventory Status Report