As DX1 continues to improve the user experience based on the ideas of our customers, having the time to search for each article can be a challenge. A comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning these changes is shown below with links to the articles for a quick reference option for the recent changes to the Service Tile. 

Q. As a DX1 user I do not yet see anything different in how I am accessing the Service tile, why? 

A. Currently The new look for accessing open repair orders is in the hands of a beta testing group of dealers. Once the beta testing is complete all users will have access to the new enhancements within service. 

Please click on the link below to see an overview of these changes. 

Repair Order List Overview (Beta)

Q. Are these enhancements limited to just the main search screen within the service tile? 

A. No. Additional tools have been added within a Repair Order or Estimate. Please click on the links below to review these new tools. 

F&I Unit Status and Detail Notification

Copying an Existing Job to a New Standard Job

Using Service Invoice Notes

Internal Service Notifications

Using the Job Completed Toggle and Calendar

For further assistance or questions please contact our support department at 877-944 - 6766