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This webinar is available to any dealership, whether training a new employee or just needing to brush up on some of the ground floor processes.  The webinar will be held once a week. 

NOTE: This webinar will not discuss any current open support tickets, users will be able to ask questions with a live chat option during the call and all users will be muted by the organizer.

Topics covered:  See the links below

If the dealership is unable to attend the webinar, links to all of the topics covered can be found in the links below in the form of articles and videos to be reviewed at the dealers convenience

Making Changes to your Showroom

Subscribers and Subscriber Groups: An Overview

Building a Newsletter


Uploading new Subscribers from an outside source

Slideshow Management Tile: Overview and how to make changes

OEM Promotions

Note: If the dealership has also singed up to use or currently is using Craigslist, please be sure to indicate that when signing up for the webinar.