Note: This setup is for dealers who are using the installed DX1 Application for Windows 10 

Click the user initials in the upper right hand corner, then choose Settings 

From the menu on the left, choose Microfiche 

Toggle ARI PartSmart to the "On" position then click Download on the right 

Note: Depending on the security on the dealership PC's several warnings may show.  This file is safe to use with DX1 and on the dealership PC. The next few steps will show to allow the running of the excicutable file. 

A box will appear in the lower left hand corner, click the three dots to the right and choose Keep 

A new text box will open, click Show More then choose Keep Anyway 

Click Show in Folder

Double click on the ARIShim.exe as shown

Click More Info 

Then choose Run Anyway 

The ARI Partsmart option is now available when the user goes to use microfiche within Dx1