Note: Only those with the proper permissions will be able to check if the feature is active 

Click Vendor 

Search then click on the Tucker Rocky vendor.  Note: Make sure the parts vendor is chosen

Look on the left hand side for the API Access Key field.  A Key will show with the feature being activeIf a key is not shown the user will need to contact their Tucker Rocky representative or DX1 Account Manger to obtain this key. 

Note: If the dealer ever removes the key, the following message will show: 

You will no longer be able to take advantage of Tucker integrations such as Real Time Parts Look Up 

Before you can use the Tucker Rocky parts ordering system, you need to select your allowed Carriers  (The companies that will ship the parts).If there is a Carrier you need that is not in the list please contact DX1 Support. 

Scroll down to the Carriers for Parts Ordering section and click the applicable check boxes.  Once done click Save