Dealers will often want to track "Lost Sales" within DX1.  The question then becomes " What does DX1 classify as a " Lost Sale"? and then where can a user go to see these " Lost Sales".  See below

Q. What does DX1 consider a "Lost Sale"?

A. These examples will be broken down by department 

Parts Department  (specifically stand alone parts invoices)

Example # 1 Parts have been added to the invoice, saved, with the QA ( Quantity Available) being reduced.  

The Trashcan Icon is selected and a part is removed but the invoice is still active 

The part that was removed ( in the example it was part # 0102) now shows on the Parts Adjustment History report as a "Lost Sale"

Service Department

The lost sale is recorded when: 

The part has been added to the RO and save has been clicked ( with the Quantity Available being reduced)  generating an invoice in the parts department to be fulfilled

Once the trashcan icon has been selected within the RO, the part request will be marked as completed when yes is chosen