There are many different things that a user can do within the service module depending on the role the user has at the dealership.  For the purposes of a user just starting out see below for a few FAQ's and  requirements for repair orders.

Q. What kinds of repair orders can be performed within DX1? 

Estimates: This type of invoice allows the dealership to quote pricing for the work to be performed without impacting the current parts inventory.  Note:  A more detailed explanation will be included later on in this document

Regular Repair Orders: Any estimate that has been converted to an R.O

Warranty Repair Orders: A converted R.O.  that requires the warranty toggle to be used.  

Charge To Major Unit: Any work that is done to a unit currently inside inventory 

Recommended articles to review of each of the above Repair Order types:

Service Warranty: how to turn an estimate into a warranty 

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Service Warranty: how to turn an estimate into a warranty 

Charge to Major Unit

Q. How do parts work when it comes to the service area

Part Requesting: As parts are needed, the user will build a parts list from within the repair order then submit them to the parts department.  From there the needed parts will either be special ordered or sold directly out of inventory as required. 

Click the link below for the full process 

Part Requesting for Repair Orders

Additional recommended article to review for part requesting

Refunding on hold and completed parts invoices attached to RO's ( from the Service Tile)