New Tile: DX1 Fiche for DMS:

Example of the tile before signing up with DX1 Fiche for DMS:

Once the dealer signs up, the above tile will "disappear" after an application reset is done.  The example below shows the tile active.

Note: The first time the dealership uses the title DX1  will check to see how your dealership accessed DX1.  If you are not using the DX1 for Windows 10 App ( example: the dealership gets  to DX1 by typing in the web address for DX1)  The user will get the following warning:

Please run the DX1 Microfiche Interface program before using Fiche for DMS feature. If you don’t have the DX1 Microfiche Interface program, you can download it here.

For dealers using DX1 through the Windows 10 app once the tile is clicked the user will be taken to Fiche as usual. 

New feature: VIN search 

Click the radio button as shown, then enter in the VIN number and search 

New feature: Quantity Required 

When adding a part to the pick list a required amount will now appear as shown.  Note: DX1 will default to the quantity needed.

New feature: Printing the list of parts before being sent to the pick list

Click the button as shown to print the list of parts 

The user will have three options for printing:

Illustration Only

Parts List Only

Illustration and Parts List 

Dealers my also Hide Part Numbers with the check box shown 


New feature:  Scroll through arrows to view all diagram images 

Click the thumbnail image


Users can click the arrows as shown to click through 

New feature: Parts Searching enhancements 

After a part number is searched, the Category section has links in blue ( if applicable) 

The links allow for additional filter options ( in the example the ATV filter was selected)   the available years will be shown based on the part number as shown

Dealers will also be able to see the illustration based on the part number once a model and year have been chosen.