Question: Can a Special Order part be sold to a Cash customer?

Answer: No.  All Special Order parts must have a customer name.  the customer name follows the special order part through the following areas: 




Question: How can a user view the details on a part inside inventory without leaving the parts invoice? 

Answer:  Follow the steps below.

Once the part has been added to the invoice, click on the part number so it is highlighted in blue. 

Scroll to the bottom of the screen then click on the Pencil icon under the Part Information tab.

This will take the user into the Part Detail inside inventory.  Dealers will be able to review key areas such as: 

BIN location information ( Note: BIN information must be manually added per part number by the dealership) 

Current QTY On Hand and QTY Available 

Along with any automatic reorder check boxes that have been setup for the specific part number.  ( Note: Auto reorder is setup on a per part number basis, it does not automatically apply to all part numbers in DX1).

Note: Click on the link below for further details on how Auto Reorder can be used inside DX1

Min/Max Settings Overview 

Question: How can a discount be added to a parts invoice? 

Answer: Click on the link below for applying discounts overview 

Adding a discount to a parts invoice 

Question: How can I know if a customer has a charge account? 

Answer: After the customer name has been added to the invoice scroll to the bottom of the invoice.  If the account has been setup correctly by the bookkeeper the invoice will have the following as shown by the image below:


Question: What is the purpose for and what do the different colors mean for the symbols on the left hand side of the pickup/refund screen?

Answer: Click on the link below that goes over picking up special order parts 

Color codes inside pickup/refund screen 

Additional FAQ's 

If I add a part to the man ordering screen will I get a warning if the part has already been added to the ordering area?Yes, A warning will pop up if a part has already been added to the ordering area.
How can I tell if a part is for stock or special order in the ordering screen?Within the ordering screen, all Special Order parts are highlighted in yellow and will have information in the Customer field.
I keep seeing the same part number appearing in the ordering area. How do I make that stop?You may have a min/max or seasonal min/max setting for the part. Go to that section of DX1 and ensure they are set to what fits your dealership's needs.
Can I change who I order from if the part hasn't been put into a purchasing order?                                                    Yes, you will need to follow this help topic to select the part from the ordering list, select vendor from the information, and then select the new vendor and catalog.
Why is there a checkmark on the part number?The checkmark is displayed for special order parts.