Note: some additional setup will need to be done before this process can be used. Please contact DX1 support at 877-944-6766 or email

Part 1: Disclaimer setup and COD payment

Go to website: and login to your account 

Click Site Settings then Disclaimer Text


Dealers will need to choose what message works best for the dealership  that informs the customer that full payment will be processed outside of the E-Commerce site.  Once the message is set click update. 

Note: The second part of this doc is based on a dealership who would process the payment using DX1. 

Click on the link for instructions on Importing E-Commerce Orders into DX1 Parts invoicing 

Part 3: Recording the payment in DX1 

Search for the invoice number that was created from the PSN import process ( for this example # 1033 will be used) 

Take payment.  Note: the payment only allows for a record to be generated for the cashier station being used. 

Payment will be recorded. The dealer can now process the actual payment through their third party credit card processing company.