Please note that before you can sell Gift Cards you must:

  1. Be using the DX1 Windows 10 App

  2. The Computer you are using must be connected to and set up to use a Verifone terminal with the Gift Card option turned On in DX1

  3. Your MIC / Verifone account must be configured to allow Gift Card transactions

Please also be aware that there are currently several limitations regarding how Gift Cards can be sold in DX1, these can be found at the bottom of this document.  If this is the first time you are using this feature please review before proceeding 

To Sell or add value to an existing Gift Card:

From a parts invoice type “giftcard” (do not put a space when adding to the invoice)

Once added DX1 will default to the Unit Extension field.  Enter in the value of the card 

You may add additional parts to the invoice if you wish, once everything is added Take payment as normal then complete the sale 

A popup box will appear.  Choose if the amount will be applied to a new or existing gift card. 

Once the card has been activated and the value has been added the following popup will appear 

A receipt will print as normal. 

Note: The card will not be activated until the complete sale button is clicked 

Other Notes and Limitations Regarding Gift Card Sales in DX1:

  1. You can only sell one Gift Card line item per invoice

  2. A Gift Card Sold Qty is set to 1 and can not be changed

  3. A Gift Card amount (Value) cannot be negative

  4. You cannot input a S/O or Lwy Qty for a Gift Card line item

  5. There is no sales Tax charged on Gift Card sales

  6. Invoices that include Gift Cards cannot be charged to a Major Unit

  7. Invoices that include Gift Cards cannot be added to a Service Invoice

  8. Gift Card sales will not be included on the Parts Sales or Revenue reports because money collected for Gift card sales can not be counted a recognized revenue until the card is redeemed

  9. If you create a Parts invoice that includes a Gift Card and you open that invoice with non Windows 10 machine or a Machine that is not set up with a Verifone terminal you will still see the Gift Card line item but you will not be able to add more items or Completed the invoice

  10. You can add a Gift Card to a Major Unit deal under a Requested Parts invoice

  11. You can add a Gift Card on a Return Part Invoice, this is handy if you want to give a credit to a customer instead of refunding the money

  12. You can not return a Gift Card (you can return other items on the invoice, just not the Gift Card)

  13. If you uncomplete an invoice that includes a Gift Card you will NOT be able to edit the Gift Card line item

  14. If you void a parts invoice that includes a Gift Card it will void the original Gift Card purchase transaction so requires that the card still has the FULL value, if not it will give an "Insufficient Funds" error.

  15. You can not void a parts invoice that contains more than one Gift Card