Part 1: checking the available balance


To see the available balance click on the symbol in the upper right hand corner of the screen

Users can click Manually enter card number or swipe then click Check Balance 

Available balance will show. 

Part 2: Redeeming a gift card

Note: It is recommended that the dealer setup a new MOP for Gift Cards using the Verifone Terminal

Select the Verifone Gift Card MOP and take the payment as normal, then complete the sale. 

Note: When using a connected Verifone terminal the user will be prompted to select Verifone payment and swipe the card. The payment will process as normal.

The receipt will print out with the approved amount taken from the gift card balance and any remaining balance if applicable 

Deactivating a gift card

Click on the icon as shown in the upper right hand corner 

The dealer can either swipe or manually enter in the card number then click Deactivate

The Deactivate card button can be used when a Gift Card is lost or stolen, you can input the card number manually if necessary. Deactivating a card will reset the value on the Gift Card to $0.00 and will NOT prompt you to return money to the customer, it will be left in your Gift Card Liability account. It is therefore highly recommended that you verify the card balance is $0.00 before you deactivate it.