Setting up Verifone Gift Cards is easy!  

The first thing you will need to do is call MIC to arrange getting your existing terminals configured to process Gift Cards and to order the needed Gift Cards.

MIC Contact;

Nadine Jones

Tel. 678.819.0144

Once you have your Gift Cards ordered and your terminals configured follow these steps to complete the setup:

  1. Add a Gift Card Liability account to your QBs COAs
  2. Enable Gift Cards in DX1
  3. Connect your computer to the terminal
  4. Set up a Method of Payment (MOP) for Gift Cards

1) Add a Gift Card Liability account to your QBs COAs

In Quickbooks create a Gift Card Liability: Other Current Liability account and sync it to DX1

2) Enable Gift Cards in DX1

Click on the user initials then choose Settings

Note: Verifone Gift Cards can ONLY be used with the DX1 Windows 10 Application

Choose Verifone from the menu on the left

Toggle the Enable Gift Card to the “On” position 

From the drop down shown above choose your Gift Card Liability: Other Current Liability account.


Note: Do not use the Gift Card feature until the Gift Card Liability account has been setup and synced from QB

3) Connect your computer to the terminal (this step is only required if the terminal is not already connected):

  • Enter the IP Address of your terminal
  • Enter the Verifone Port Number "5015"
  • Click Generate New Code or you can use the existing one
  • Click Register
  • You will be prompted on the terminal to enter the code


4) Setting up the Method Of Payment

If you are setting up Verifone Credit Cards and Gift Cards for the first time DX1 recommends you add two Method of Payments (MOP's):

  • Verifone - Credit Card
  • Verifone - Gift Card

Having the two MOP's will allow you to distinguish which payment method was used during the Cashier Reconciliation process.

Under Dealership Settings go to Method Of Payment on the left hand side 

Search for the Type Verifone Payment.  If the dealership is already using Verifone for Credit Cards the payment will show as it would have been created when the terminal was setup by DX1 support.

To set up a Verifone Payment type for Gift Card Click the Add button in the upper left hand corner.

Title the payment Verifone - Gift Card  then click the Verifone Payment radio button as shown.  The dealer has the choice to leave the GL account blank or map to undeposited funds.  Click  Save

Note:  It is recommended that the dealership create a second MOP for the sale of gift cards using Verifione ( example: Gift Card - Verifone payment) By creating this MOP dealers will be able to distinguish the difference between a Verifone credit card payment and Verifone Gift Card when doing the end of day reconciliation.