Note: This process is only for those dealers who have not gone through a setup call with DX1 Support 

Part 1: Turning on microfiche for parts manager pro in DX1

Click on the users initials then choose Settings 

Click Microfiche then Parts Manager Pro- Web

The microfiche icon now appears in the example parts invoice. 

Part 2: Setup from Parts Manager Pro website

Log in to Parts Manger Pro 

Click on Settings then Integration Settings  at the top of the screen 

Under EPC Integration Service in the lower right hand corner click Download Installer 

Note: If you are installing on another machine and have already gone though the setup process before on a different PC, scroll down to who will get to use the integration ( step 4 of 4) 

Once downloaded click the New button 

Choose BSI under type, under properties fill in the following :

Enter DX1 for name
IP address is
Port is 2345
Timeout is 30000.

Once set click next 

Click select all then next 

Make sure to enter in the appropriate manufacturer code in the boxes to the right. If they are not filled in the integration will not work

Choose who can use the integration then next

Click finish 

The setup is now complete click exit