Click Manage Fiche/Catalog Shop 

Click E-Commerce then Fiche Pricing from the menu on the left

Discounting is based around the manufacturer.  Individual groups can be created inside each manufacturer as shown.

Click Edit under the manufacturer to set markups or markdowns. User options are as follows:

Price Basis: MSRP or Dealer Cost 

Display Retail Price and Discounted Price: Allows customers to see the savings from the discounts the dealer gives. 

Minimum Price Per Item

Note:  If the dealer carries Polaris or Kawasaki fiche, there are MAP policies in place. Customers will only see discounts if they are logged in to their account. Otherwise a click to see price in cart link appears. Additionally two prices will only show IF the discounted price is lower than MSRP. 

Tiers can be set first on the dollar amount then the percentage given as either a Mark up or down