Click on Manage Fiche/Catalog Shop


Login to your account 

Click E-Commerce then Online Catalog 

Click on the catalog the part will be added to. 

Choose the level the item will be added to, in this example a new helmet will be added. Click add new product

Fill out each field with the applicable information then click next

Note: Make sure the end date is set correctly.  This ensures the product is available in the catalog for the correct amount of time 

Three images can be added per part or accessory. Each image can only be 400 pixels, click Choose File 

Search for the pic to be added from the PC.  click the picture then open or double click 

The name the image was saved under will be shown next to the choose file button,  Click upload. 

The uploaded image will now show, dealers can click previous to make changes or resize the image.   If all applicable images have been added click next 

Set the Dealer Price, Shipping Charge, and any Exemptions or Exclusions for the part then click next 

Note: Any additional shipping charges added in the previous step are on top of any shipping changes set in the shipping options page.  For information on setup pf shipping please click the link below:

 Under Category/Mfr users can decide where the product can be displayed and for which Manufacturer.  Up to three sections and and manufacturer can be assigned for the part. 

Note: If a new category is needed beyond what is being provided support will need to be contacted.  

Click Assign. As each section and manufacturer are set they will show for each section.  Once all are added click next

The product is now added to the catalog