Part 1: Rankings: As dealers claim more and more pages for their information to be found on along with reviews, correct information for those claimed sites, and expanded social  media presence

The rankings will change.  The goal is to have the 1st rating when being searched for through the web.

From the dashboard click on Rankings

Keywords added in My Account also factor into the rankings for your dealership.  There are two types of searches that are done to obtain this information:

A. Local: These are searches done from mobile devices 

B. Web: Done from PC's 

Dealers can decide if they want to see  where they rank when being searched for as an average or if the dealership is the first shown when the search is done on page one.  Additional filters highlighted at the top as shown  include date range and individual providers ( example: Facebook, Google, etc....)

The Keywords will be listed in the bottom half of the screen along with the rank per provider . 

Part 2: Pulse: This section uses common words found in reviews  and assigns sentiments ( feelings) associated with those words ( happy, sad, angry etc....) Additional filters are available at the top if applicable. 

Saved filters store the default keywords setup by the dealership.  Additional topics can be viewed based on the sentiments as well. 

Click on the saved filters drop down  to edit, add, or delete the default keywords 

A further breakdown of each sentiment tied to a review can also be seen.  To see the review linked to each sentiment click on Sentiment Explorer on the left hand side