What is a listing and why is it important to claim it?

A listing is when your dealership can be found on search engines ( Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Yellowpages etc...)   It is important to claim the information found on these search engines as correct by the dealership to improve how the dealership is ranked when someone searches for the dealership. 

How do I know if my dealership has a listing that has been claimed?

From the Dashboard click Listings.  Under the Found section a green check mark will show next to the provider ( in this example it's Facebook).  Any other providers with a red X is an unclaimed listing.

On the first page of listings it will show the following:

Found: based on the provider ( bing, google...etc)

Duplicates: If the business is listed more than once

Claimed: If the dealer has gone through the proper claiming process a value will show.  If they have not you can email them this link https://www.dx1app.com/resources/blog/post/claim-dealership-business-listings/2017-08-01

D. Mismatched: Incorrect address or phone number information

E. Categories: How a dealer may be searched for ( example: motorcycle, ATV etc…)

Scroll down to see any found listings.  Any mismatched information about the listing ( phone number, address, etc...) will be shown in red.  Users will need make changes to the information directly ( in this example update the address information and phone number for Facebook ) If another listing is found by the reputation management tool it will also show.