Once logged in, click My Account 

Part 1: Ranking Keywords

Q: What is a Ranking Keyword? why are they important?

A:  By using keywords ( in this industry would be Motorcycle, Repair shop, local repair shop, etc...)  increases the chance that the person searching on  the internet would have your dealerships website appear when searching. 

Click on Manage Locations and Competitors on the left hand side 

Click the Edit pencil on the right hand side 

Click on Keywords as shown at the top 

Click the plus mark as shown 

Choose the local area where the ranking keyword will be associated.  Once all keywords are added click Review Changes 

Users can click the Edit icon if changes need to be made, otherwise click Save and Submit Changes 

Part 2: External Logins 

Q:   What are External logins? why do I need them?

A: by adding User names and passwords for Facebook and Google you will be able to respond to reviews.  By responding this will improve the dealerships overall ranking when it comes to customers searching on the web. 

Once logged in, click My Account 

Click on External Logins from the left hand menu.  Click Add Login in the upper right hand corner 

Once added the account will show in the list as a linked account. 

by adding external logins this allows the user to respond to any review left by a customer under the reviews section of reputation management 

NOTE:  If a user goes to the reviews section and they are unable to respond to a review they will get the following message: