Note: All orders  imported into DX1 will show as "Paid"  once the invoice has been created. Current inventory counts will be reflected.  It is the dealers choice as to when the customer will be charged for the items being ordered with the payment processor chosen within your E-commerce account.

export selected orders from Online Orders

  1. Log in to your DX1 Dashboard

  2. Select Manage Fiche/Catalog Shop

  3. You will be directed to

  4. Enter your Dealer ID, User ID and Password 

  5. Click Submit

  1. Select Ecommerce on Left Hand Menu

  2. Search for the transactions you want to import into invoicing. 

    1. Perform a simple search of all orders by selecting an order order status and date range on the left OR

    2. Search for specific orders using the options on the right

  3. Click Submit or Get Order

  4. Search results will be displayed

  5.  Select click here to download XML file for these orders to download the selected orders.

  6. Your order file will be downloaded

Import Orders into Invoicing 

  1. Return to your DX1 Dashboard.

  2. Select the Sales tile from the Parts and Accessories tileset.

  3. Select Import PSN Orders from the left hand navigation menu under Management.

  4. Browse for the export file saved earlier (check your Downloads folder)

  5. Select the File. 

  6. Click OK/Choose.

  7. A summary of the orders to be imported will be displayed.

    1. The status should say Ready to import. 

      1. Orders that have previously been imported will have status “Exist in DX1" with the invoice number. These are previously imported orders and will not be imported again; other orders in the file will be imported.

  1. Click Process

  2. You will receive a Completed message with a summary of imported orders.

  1. Click Close