Q: What is Review Builder? How can it help my dealership?

Review Builder is a tool for collecting customer feedback and generating positive

reviews for your dealership. Feedback requests are sent to your customers via email or

text using customizable campaigns that you can setup and manage directly within your Reputation Management solution.

You can display the reviews you’ve gathered through an embedded widget on your website.

  1. Goto www.chatmeter.com

  2. Login

3. Click on Review Builder from the top menu

4. Click Create Campaign

5.  Name the Campaign then click the arrow to the right 

6. Choosing a location group is optional. If a group is selected reviewers will only be able to leave reviews for that location only. Click Next once done  

7. Configure how you’ll collect reviews. You can choose to send out links to your review form via email or SMS. You can also opt to not use a delivery method if you plan on embedding the review form directly on your site. You can select the date and time when your campaigns will be sent, or you can choose to send “immediately”. Red asterisks indicate required fields. 

8. Choose the template that the customer will use to leave their review.

9.  Click on Create New Email 

10. Choose from the four templates available. Each one can be previewed by clicking on the three dots in the upper right hand corner. 

11. A preview of your selected template will be displayed. Click on the Edit tab to the right to customize the template using HTML code. 

12. The menu on the left allows for the form to be changed. You can add different color themes and upload custom logos. You may also indicate who the responses should go back to. Click Save at the bottom of the screen on the left. 

13. In the previous step you added the form that the reviewer will complete. Next, a new form needs to be selected to provide you with the review responses. 

14. Choose Create New Form 

15. Select the form. The same preview option is available from the three dots.

16. Use the menu on the left to customize the review form.  

18.  The screen will refresh. Click the Next arrow.

19. Once the campaign is activated, you can decide if you want the review form to go out immediately to a single contact or to multiple contacts. Multiple contacts listed on an Excel spreadsheet may be added through the Bulk Upload tool. This step is optional and can be done at a later time. Click next.

20.  Save your campaign. You now have the option to activate your campaign to send your email/text based on the time period you selected earlier. Note: If you selected to send Immediately, your email/text will be sent to the contacts you added during the wizard campaign process, as soon as you click Save.

21. Click on go to dashboard once saved. This will take you to the reviews page for the campaigns you have created. To activate or delete a  campaign click the icons.

22.  Click on the dropdown menus on the right for further details about the campaign. You can also review stats on the left hand side along with a visual of the campaign performance.