Welcome to the new DX1 Help! We are excited to show you some of the options you have when working with our support team. 

The new help screen: Home screen

Every user in DX1 can now create their own individual login to create a ticket or check the status of an open ticket.

1.  Click on Help in any screen inside DX1 

2.  If you are a new user click Sign up  in the upper right hand corner  or Login if an account has already been created.

Fill out the required fields and Register 

Users can also sign up from the Login page as well

Click New Support Ticket then fill out the required fields 

Click Check Ticket Status.  Any open or pending tickets will show.  Additional filters are also available. 

Password Reset Instructions: In the event the users password has expired or the user has forgotten their password, see instructions below:


From the login screen click Forgot Password 

Enter in the email address that the account was created with, then click Reset Request Link 

Once sent the following will appear.  Note The highlighted portion to check the spam folder if the email is not received in the users inbox. 

Click the Reset Your Password link as shown 

Create the new password following the highlighted guidelines.

Once changed successfully the user can now go back to the main login screen