Navigate to the Dashboard.


Select the Sales tile from the "Service" tile set.                            





Navigate to the New Work Estimate tab on the left hand navigation.                            





Type the customer name into the Sold to field.



Search for the customer by clicking the icon.




  Click +Add.






Select Lookup Unit or Custom Unit.


Click OK



NOTE: Lookup is the most common option. Use this when a customer has a whole unit. The Custom Unit is used when a customer only has part of unit such as a tire or seat. You will need to type in a description of the unit part.





Enter the search criteria and click Search.                           





Select the unit and click Add Selected.






Click Save.



NOTE: If your dealership charges tax on labor, you must use the Select Unit option. No labor tax is added through the Customer Unit option.





The updated Repair Order displays. 



NOTE: The Unit Information is displayed in the left hand navigation menu.



The Job Title defaults to Auto Add Standard Job. To change this, click the Edit icon.                           




The Job information page displays. From here you can see all of the information on the general on a single page. This is where you can edit the job details, including the job title.                            


NOTE: As a default, the job will be labeled Auto Add Standard Job. All added jobs after will be in sequential order.






You must assign a technician by clicking the Assign Tech icon.                           





Select the Tech and input allocated hours.


Click Save.






Select Invoice Details from the left hand navigation menu.






If miles/hours need added, click on the model number and input the miles/hours in the Unit Information tab.                     




Take the payment and complete the fields for Cashier Station, Method of Payment, Amount Received.


Click Payment.


The Payment information will update.


Click Convert to Ro.                           




Click Complete Sale.





NOTE: You may choose to Uncomplete the sale from the top menu or print the RO.