Physical Inventory Process

DX1 offers all clients the ability to do a physical inventory either during business hours or when the store is closed.  Only those with the proper manager or owner permissions can go through a physical inventory. 

Note: There are a few things DX1 recommends you do before beginning a physical inventory process. These are suggestions; please follow any current process in place by your management otherwise.

Run report (negative quantity on hand) because DX1 does not count negative quantities.

If possible, have only one person run the count from one machine. 

Close out all open parts invoices or RO’s possible, this will help for an accurate count.  (Note that all closed invoices attached to service or sales invoices are already out of the physical inventory)

Note:   This is an "ALL OR NOTHING" update.  Once the physical inventory is posted all parts will be updated, parts with an Actual Count of 0 will be updated and set to a zero quantity 

Once everything has been prepared to go through a physical inventory, please follow the steps below.

From the launch pad click on the Sales tile then from the menu on the left scroll down to Management, then choose Physical Inventory 

The next screen will allow you to sort out how the inventory to be counted Note: you are not required to use all three sorting options when doing your physical inventory.

Note:  The Inventory process is based primarily on the brand connected to each part number.   If  you choose to set your search by the manufacturer  (example  Kawasaki)  DX1 will  only show parts  that have the brand of Kawasaki.  If you do not set the manufacturer  and sort by Vendor  and part number you will be shown all in stock parts  in alphabetical order. 

 In this example the search criteria is by vendor Kawasaki and part number.   Additional drop down boxes will allow the user to choose the order in which parts will appear then click search 



  The current inventory based on the search criteria will show.  Click the start button in the upper right hand corner to begin.

Once inventory has been started, this will populate three new columns Expected, Actual, and Delta. 

Expected - This will display the current on hand quantity count from inventory

Actual - Enter the actual number of parts counted from the count sheet

Delta - This will display the variance between the Expected Inventory quantity and the Actual quantity

Note: To change the count click on the “actual” box and enter the number of the change, then tab. The delta will automatically change if a difference has been recorded. 

NOTE: At anytime the user can leave the physical inventory process to go an work in another area of DX1 ( example: user needs to process a parts sale) The user can either go back to the dashboard or use the menu on the left hand side to open a new tab at the top.

Note: If the physical inventory process is being done while the dealership is open DX1  will keep track of the changes.  Further details on how this will affect physical inventory will be covered later in this document 

DO NOT  click the STOP button! if clicked any changes will be lost. 

Dealers may also collect part counts using: 


Count Sheets 

Using a Scanner 


**Please Note** if your scanner is unable to store the file as parts are scanned it may be necessary to carry a laptop connected to the scanner while counting the parts.

Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner and choose scanner 

As  each part number is scanned or manually typed in they will appear in the box shown below: (scanning each individual part will be necessary unless your scanner allows you to enter quantity.)


Once all part numbers have been scanned, click the validate  button 

This will provide a list of parts imported from the bar code scanner as well as a list of parts with errors during the match.  You will need to review the list of invalid parts to select the correct entry to import into your inventory.  

Note: Some of the common errors you may see after scanning parts are:

Part not found ( This applies if you are missing the category or catalog)

When scanning a bar code on a part you may not get the right supplier as the bar code on the part will try to give you info on who makes the part, not the supplier. 

Multiple matches for part numbers    

Possible solutions for these issues:

Verify you have the catalog for the part number, and the bar code was clear enough to be scanned properly.

If you know that you indeed do have the part in your stock that does not scan properly you can add the part.

Choosing the proper supplier

To correct this you will need to make note of the part number in error, click save, and manually add the part to the inventory count in the next step.

To add a part number to the inventory count list click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner and choose add part.    This will add a row to the bottom of the parts list where you can add an additional part with the actual count.

Using the count sheets 

The second option while counting is to use the printed out count sheets.  this allows the dealer to send out employees to various parts of the dealership to count and then take the filled out sheets to the person updating the inventory at the single PC.

Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner and choose print 

Fill out the sheet then the person updating the inventory can enter in the correct amounts 

Once you have entered you Actual Counts for each part number on the list click on Continue.  This will provide a list of the parts with a variance between what the computer shows on hand the actual quantity that was counted.  Review all parts with a variance to ensure the actual count is correct.  

To finalize the physical inventory process the user will need to click the Update button in the upper right hand corner.  The user can see the Total Delta Cost amount beneath the update button.  This is the difference in cost if the count has changed.

Note: Before clicking update, be sure that only one person does this step!  If more than one person clicks update this will override any changes made from the previous person clicking update which will change your entire total for your inventory count.

A warning box will appear once the update button has been clicked.  the user will need to place a checkmark in the box then click OK

Note: As stated in the beginning of this document you can also do your physical parts inventory during business hours.  There is one additional step to complete your count while your store is open during business.   Please see below: 

When the “update” button has been clicked  if any parts within the list have been sold while the inventory was being counted you must update those numbers before completing the Inventory.

For each part number the user needs to make changes to a check mark will need to be placed in the box on the left hand side.   DX1 will show you the expected count and the actual count. If you change the actual count you will need to click the update button. 

Note: If the user chooses to click the select all box to check all part numbers to either update or ignore only the parts on that current page will be marked.  The user will need to go page by page to decide what part numbers will be updated or ignored. 

The user may also click the Ignore Update button and the changes made to the count of those part numbers will not be updated in the physical inventory count.

Update is now complete click OK