Warranty Process in Dx1 

1. From the Dx1 Launch pad scroll to the right and click on the Sales Tile

2. Click on New Work Estimate from the menu on the left  hand side.

3. Add or search for the customer the warranty job.

4. If this is an existing customer any units that have been serviced at the dealership will appear automatically. Choose an existing unit by clicking on the unit and then the Add Selected button. If it is a new unit click the Add Button.

5. If the customer has fully agreed to having the Warranty work done click the Convert To R.O. button in the upper right hand corner.

6. Click on Job 1. This will take the user to the main portion of the R.O.

7. Click on the Warranty toggle on the right hand side across from Job Title

4. Click on Warranty on the left hand side of the page.  The only required field is the Authorization #.  If a deductible is required fill in that field as well.  Once filled in process the rest of the repair work as normal.

5.Once all work is complete choose Complete Sale in the upper right hand corner