Note: The questions and answers in this document can be applied to Parts, Service and Major Units.

Q. Why can’t I take a payment? I’m the salesperson on the invoice 

A.  The user may not have a cashier station assigned or opened

Example # 1 Cashier station is not open

  1. In the lower left hand corner under the Cashier station tab if the station has not been opened look for Please Open a Cashier 

2. Click on Open/Close Cashier tile under Accounting from the dashboard

3. Choose the station to be opened ( if applicable ) from the dropdown then Open Station 

4. The user will need to enter in the opening till amount.  the dollar amounts on the left are the physical denomination ( example $100 bill, $50 bill etc…..)  The amount column on the right are the number of bills being put into the drawer.

5. When the value is changed in the count column the drawer  now show a opening till amount in the lower left hand corner. Once all values are entered click Save 

Example # 2: The user has not been assigned to the department to take a payment 

1.  Check who has been assigned go to Open/Close Cashier on the dashboard

3. Choose the cashier station that has been opened from the dropdown in the upper left corner. On the right hand side all users that have been assigned to that station will show.  If the employee’s name is not on the list click the Assign button.

4. Use the search box then click  the checkboxes for each department the user will be allowed to take payments for. Once chosen click Save