Marketing/DMS Release November 29th, 2021

Updates / Features in this Release


DX1 Fiche: Escalators for Web Price for E2E

Price settings for DX1 Fiche have been exposed for DMS dealers. After the release, we will begin migrating all web fiche dealers to use the DX1 parts fiche. Learn More

Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release


  • Fixed an issue that caused error while syncing Data in Craigslist

  • DMS Connector: CPO Status is Ignored

  • Custom Harley Showroom Model Detail Template

Major Units

  • MU Sales - Fixed an issue where a dealer could not post a deal if there was an open Pre-Delivery repair order or Parts Invoice

  • MU Sales - Fixed an issue where dealer could not post MU invoice

  • MU Sales - Completed MU deal showing balance due

  • MU Receiving - Manufacturer list should ONLY include makes that match the selected status


  • Fixed an issue where bulk parts did not work correctly if the Converter was > 1,000

  • Fixed an issue where bulk items were not pricing correctly for warranty ROs

  • Part Invoicing - Fixed an issue where "Part Inventory" dialog displayed  after clicking part from an All Fields search

  • Part Invoicing -  Fixed an issue where dealer was unable to add parts from within a parts invoice

  • Parts Invoicing - Fixed an issue where adding a customer overrides the special sale price

  • Fiche - Fixed an issue where first part brought from pick ticket to the Invoice had the tax icon red and no extension price

  • Part Invoicing - optimized navigation consistency

  • Part Invoicing - Fixed an issue where return quantity should not exceed the quantity amount available for refund

  • Parts Invoicing - Red PSN Icon has been removed for all parts and Gear Icon is now hidden for WPS and Tucker Rocky parts if the dealer has the direct integrations turned On.

  • Part Invoicing - found " " is overlapped with "Amount Received" label when resize window


  • Technician Hours report - Fixed an issue where work adjusted date populated with manual entry date and not with worked date (Technician Time Clock users only)

  • Major Unit trade-in Allowance report - Fixed an issue where report was not pulling in the data for all units


  • Customer File Upload - Fixed - 9GB Warning Should Only Pop Up Once

  • Redid left side menu for phones

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