Marketing/DMS Release October 18th, 2021

Updates / Features in this Release

Offers & Charges

We’ve added Charges to the existing Offers section in listing inventory so you can now display any additional fees and charges on inventory and showroom listings on your website.


Certified Pre-Owned for DMS

Our Dealers using DX1 DMS and website services can now mark used units as Certified Pre-Owned (CPO).  The CPO toggle is available under MU Management and Listing Inventory for all used units.  CPO-tagged units will be  marked in search filters on your website, making it easier for your buyers to find certified units.  You can really set these listings apart by adding a Certified Pre-Owned Highlight!  


File Attachments in Customer Records

We have received many requests from you for a feature that lets you upload files associated with customer records. We are happy to announce that you can now upload any kind of files (pdf documents, photos or any other files related to a customer) and attach them to the customer records in DX1. This feature can be found under the Documents tab in a customer record.  This feature needs to be activated by an Owner or GM of the dealership. Once activated, the feature provides an initial block of up to 10GB of storage space for Free.  Additional storage space will be made available in 100GB blocks and automatically billed to your account if you exceed the amount of storage space included in your current block.

Service - Printable Job Sheet

DX1 now provides dealers with a quick way to print only the job information most relevant to the technician without printing the entire repair invoice for all units, all jobs. To print the Technician Job Sheet simply click the printer icon next to the job.



 Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release

Leads / Website

  • FD# 199570: Fixed an issue where the Leads by Date report did not show the same total number of leads as the leads detail report for the same day 

  • FD# 195402: Fixed an issue where a user received an error while creating and editing blog

  • Fixed An error that occurred when activating certain 3rd party Lead Destinations

Major Units

  • FD# 200052: MU Receiving - Fixed an issue where bad data prevented the receiving of certain models

  • FD# 94447: - MU Sales - Updated Registration Tab text to red if Registrant has not been assigned


  • Fixed an issue that caused a private parts catalog upload to freeze when duplicate records existed with mixed case formatting

  • FD# 188757: Parts Inventory - Fixed an issue where bulk parts were not pricing correctly for warranty ROs

  • FD# 199065: Fixed an issue where calculating the profit for bulk parts on a parts invoice was incorrect if part was superseded

  • Catalog Pricing Rules - Fixed an issue preventing save when switching to the sub-menu on Catalog details screen

  • New Part Invoice - Fixed an issue where the grid did not fully render in Chrome


  • Fixed an issue where the Ride Ready link was displaying for dealers with no Polaris Integration

  • FD# 188573: Fixed an issue that was causing the Service Scheduler calendar to switch days too early

  • Fixed an issue where WE/ROs with many parts were causing high resource usage and long load times on the client machine


  • FD# 199202: Fixed an issue where the Parts Receiving Log was incorrectly summing the shipping charges if there were multiple purchase orders

  • FD# 199525: Fixed an issue where the F&I Sales report was still filtering based on the Primary Sales person instead of F&I sales person


  • FD# 105239, 200870: Fixed an issue where the SMS messages icon showed unread messages when no new messages were available

  • FD# 199465: Fixed an issue where SMS Screen was not showing all messages

  • Fixed an issue where the email and SMS block toggles reverted on save

  • [Commission Type] Fixed an issue where it did not show the "Code Name" column in Safari

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