Marketing/DMS Release September 13th, 2021

Updates / Features in this Release


Outgoing Lead Type Selection

You can now pick and choose which types of leads you want to send to an external destination using ADF or if you have selected TLP as your external destination for leads in DX1. Simply select  the destination as ADF Universal or TLP and you will see the Destination setting options appear below for the types of leads. Only the leads with active toggle are sent to the external systems.

AutoResponder Update

You can now attach a unit’s brochure to your auto responder . To configure, go to Email Template Settings under Dealership Settings and select Internet Vehicle Lead Automatic Response Template, then select  the merge code of Vehicle Brochure associated with the Primary UOI , add the selection and save your changes. Users will receive the associated units’s brochure as the autoresponder email  attachment after they submit a vehicle lead.

How to attach Unit Brochure in Internet Vehicle Lead Autoresponse Email?


Part Export Option For Automatic Distributors

You no longer have to manually enter in each part number off the PO into the A.D. system.

This feature will allow you to generate a .csv file that can be uploaded to the Automatic Distributors. We hope this will be a huge time saver for you and your dealership.

Bin Locations on Final Parts Invoices 

We have added Bin Locations on Final invoices.This will  allow you to choose to have the Bin locations on the final parts invoices, including Service parts invoices. The setting is On by default and Includes all 3 Bin Locations and Service Parts invoices. You can turn off this feature by going into Dealership Settings.

Print Label Button to Part Inventory Item Detail Screen - 1 Click Single Label Printing

We have added a Print Label button to Part Inventory Item Details.You can now quickly print a single part label from the Part Inventory Item Detail screen with one click.

  • Print Label Shows for Black Parts Only

  • Prints a Single Label

  • Thermal or Avery Label 

  • Parts or Bar Code Label


Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release


  • Fixed detail page pop-up images navigation issues

  • Fixed an issue where WebApp Health Check periodically failed causing new instances to spin up causing momentary downtime

  • FD#188496 Fixed an issue where assigning a salesperson to a lead sometimes took  longer

  • Fixed an issue where Delete button displayed on Send Email pop up

  • Fixed AudioEye breaking event calendar

  • Fixed the error on featured models display

  • Fixed - LeadRequest Processing Result: Fred Cummings Motorsports

Major Units

  • Fixed an issue where user got error when printing hang tag in inventory detail dialog on MU invoice

  • FD# 200636 - MU Inventory - Fixed MU Delete Unit button missing 

  • FD# 195115 - MU Sales - Fixed an issue where changing days to first payment affected Adj APR

  • FD#195585 - MU Sales - Fixed an issue where users were unable to remove tax for Installed Parts from the deal

  • FD# 197470 - Fixed an issue where all roles could access commissions screen/add/change

  • FD# 199316 - MU Sales - Fixed an issue where dealer was unable to adjust tax for Installed Parts / Service 

  • FD# 200426 - MU Sales - Fixed an issue where dealer was unable to complete the registration process


  • Fixed - Missing Parts from the WPS Catalog

  • FD# 200260 - Parts Sales - Fixed an issue where dealer was  unable to sell part# PGH8-4-88-451-B-FS on a parts invoice 


  • Fixed an issue where Customer was not displaying correctly on the service invoice

  • FD# 200243 - DMS Fiche - Fixed an issue where Kawasaki Fiche images were missing 


  • FD - Fixed - Columns in Public reports that are Expendable or Grouped could not be sorted

  • FD# 35067 - Reporting - Added Engine Number to Major Unit Inventory w/ Cost report and MU Inventory Data Model 


  • Fixed Typo on "Cannot Update Customer" Pop Up Message 

  • FD# 197932 - Customer Detail - Fixed an issue where Customer detail screen was not showing full invoice number

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2021-09-13

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