Marketing/DMS Release August 9th, 2021

Updates / Features in this Release


Lead Generation Improvements

Secondary Action

We now suggest secondary actions on vehicle leads to capture additional details. The secondary actions are suggested on the Submission/ Confirmation screens after the customer fills out request Information or Schedule Test Ride forms from Unit list or detail pages.User information on secondary actions is pre populated based on the primary action.  Users are also able to share the unit  via Facebook, Twitter or email from submission/Confirmation screens.

Recently added Inventory featured module on 404 pages

Our 404 pages are pretty basic with no user engagement elements on them. We now display recently added inventory on 404 error pages that we hope will somewhat close the gap.

Model List Page Enhancements

We have added new CTAs on the Model list page to increase user engagement from this page. We have also anchored the top of the page so that when you scroll, you can still see and act upon the filters and CTA in case you need to.

  • Contact Us button can be found at the top of the page, Click if you can’t see what you are looking for.

  • I’M INTERESTED button displays on each unit on the Model List page to help you submit a lead directly for the associated unit.

  • Learn More button displays on each unit on the Model List page and redirects you to the unit detail page when clicked.

DMS Connector UI Updates 

We have made some UI changes to DMS Connector

The UI updates includes,

  • You can now see the  'Last Data Import' indicator on the DMS Inventory Viewer screen for all incoming DMS.

  • On the DMS Connector screen, we updated 'Removed' status to “Pending Removal” as this status shows units that have been removed from the external DMS and not units that have been removed from DX1, thus will be less confusing to understand going forward

  • When a DX1 unit is linked to a DMS record, We now show an indicator “DMS Unit”  in the listing inventory (list view). This will help you identify the units that are matched to a DMS unit.

DMS Connector: New Price & Sync Options

We have updated new price and sync options for Talon and CDK.

CDK can now sync prices

  • MSRP (default)

  • DSRP

  • Web Price

  • Dealer List Price

  • Dealer Base Price

Talon has a new price option

  • Total Price

Audio Eye Integration

We have now established an integration with Audio Eye to better equip your DX1 websites with accessibility solutions and protect your websites against compliance issues. This will be added to all existing DX1 sites on October 1st, 2021 as a 30-day free trial. The billing will start Nov 1.


Direct Printing - (Browser Only Feature)

We have had many of our dealers point out that it takes way too many clicks to print invoices. Hence, we bring to you the direct printing feature which is designed to help you speed up the printing process for parts and service invoices. 

To enable Direct Printing,

  • Turn on the Direct Printing toggle in DX1 Dealer Settings

    • This feature only works in the browser.

  • Install Print Manager 

With direct printing enabled DX1 will send print jobs directly to user printers without opening any additional tabs or windows. We hope this will be a huge time saver for our dealers.

 Help Document on Direct Printing

Part Price File Updates

We have made Price File updates and some pricing rules changes that allow you to update the prices (DSP) of some or all of your parts immediately or set up rules to automatically update the prices as the MSRP or Cost in the price file changes.

Other updates include,

  • Added the ability to set up a Dealership Default Pricing rule

    • You no longer have to set up pricing rules for every catalog unless you want to.

  • Simplified and renamed the One-time Update process 

  • Catalog Level rules can now be done as a single default for the Catalog or by Category like before

Help Document on Part Pricing Updates and Rules

Warranty Deductible

We now offer you a way to apply deductibles to a warranty job as well as taking the deductible payment, right in the repair order. Simply enter the required deductible amount in the Deductible Amount field. You will see the deductible amount and payments reflected on the Customer and Warranty invoices.

Help Document on Warranty Deductible

Delete Unit

Removing accidentally added units from MU Inventory has always been a lengthy and tedious process. We have now made removing unwanted units easy for you by adding a new "Delete Unit" button in the MU Inventory detail page. Simply click on the button to quickly remove a unit from your inventory. However, you can only delete an instock unit assuming it has no associated invoices (Parts, Service or MU Quotes / Deals).  If there are associated invoices they will need to be voided before the unit can be deleted.

All Fields Parts Search In Invoicing, Parts Inventory, Service, and Ordering

We have added All Fields Parts Search which allows dealers to use drill down searching for parts. (Invoicing, Ordering)

  • 3 digits to get the type ahead search results

  • Matches description or part number

  • Primary sort is by QOH

  • Secondary sort is by Part Number

  • “Show More” opens the Parts Inventory window

  • + icon adds parts to grid

SMS Notifications

We have implemented a new system for near real-time notifications of inbound SMS. The mobile icon on the top of the page will display a number alert for new SMS messages. Once the user views the messages, the number alert will disappear. 

Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release


  • Updated  Lead Matching Rule to match Phone number with or without country code +1 for leads

  • Fixed an issue where Slideshow size Square did not allow OEM Promotions

  • Updated Phone Number Matching - Ignore Special Characters

  • Updated - Always send model wanted leads to TLP

Major Units

  • Major Unit Invoice - Fixed an issue where Go to Invoice button at Request Part/Service Invoice did not work

  • Fixed an issue where the cashier was shown when returning parts that has MU invoice as the original invoice

  • Fixed an issue where user was getting error (500) when going to Assembly Service in MU Inventory detail page

  • Fixed an issue where the Commissions dialog did not display when clicking the "Commission" menu.


  • Added trigger to re calculate Qty Available On Order when order was canceled 

  • Updated Manticore Type Ahead Search Results to Sort by QOH Descending

  • Created GasGas PO export file


  • Service Scheduler - Fixed an issue where the “Customer Waiting with Unit” icon was not showing in the Appointment Calendar

  • Fixed an issue where the screen showed loading non-stop when using appointment via 'Charge to MU'


  • Safari Issues - Fixed reported screen flickering issue while using latest version of Mac OS

  • Fixed - Don't reset grids on app reset

  • Changed DX1 Windows 10 App to export MS Word with .doc instead .docx (HTML Report). An update to the Windows 10 app will be required for this feature to work.

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2021-08-09

With regard to the document direct printing is there a way to change the settings so that 2 receipts automatically print instead of one?  We give a copy to to the customer and keep a copy for our records.  It is not a big deal when doing service ro's to hit the print button again, but parts invoices once you complete the sale it prints the receipt and  immediately goes to history and its a pain for the not so computer savvy folks.  Let me know. Thanks!

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