Marketing/DMS Release June 14th, 2021

Updates / Features in this Release

All Dealers

Internet Explorer 11 Lockout

You will no longer be able to log in DX1 using Internet Explorer 11 now onwards.

When trying to log in using IE11 browser, you will be presented with the following warning message:

“You are using an unsupported browser. Please upgrade your browser to continue using DX1.” 


Harley Davidson Finance Links

As required by Harley Davidson, for the dealers sending visitors to the official HD Finance site to apply for financing on specific bikes, we need to include the unit condition and VIN so the specific unit can be captured by HDFS. Thus, we have added the ability to include VIN and unit condition in the link. The settings can be configured under Showroom Setting for all HD dealers that intend to use the official HD Finance site. When any button on the showroom detail or list page is set to direct to, we will show a toggle that will add the unit condition and VIN parameters to the link on the website. The toggle will be ON by default for all HD dealers.


Service Scheduler Enhancement

You can now schedule service appointments directly from work estimates(WE) and repair orders( RO). This new feature will allow you to

  • Create and manage appointments directly from work estimates or repair orders

  • Create multiple appointments at the job level 

  • Create appointments for WE/RO with multiple units

BMW Financial Reports with Calculation (Phase 2)

This feature allows our authorized BMW dealers to extract the necessary financial data from QBs and DX1 to generate a file that can be directly imported by AOSolutions where your BMW Financial Statements can be reviewed.

Setup - Before you can use this feature you need to map your COA to the BMW COA

Generating files - From the DX1 Accounting app / Composite Reports tab: 

  • Select the Month and Year

  • Click Get QB data

  • Click Get DX1 data 

  • Review the returned data

  • Click the BMW Financials button 

Help Document on BMW Financial Report Generation 

Automatic Creation of AR Customers in QBO and Balance Syncing

QBO dealers no longer need to login to the DX1 Accounting app and connect to QBO to add new AR customers or update AR customer balances.

To enable this feature:

  • Log in to DX1 using a browser (Chrome or Edge)

  • Go to Dealership Settings / Accounting Settings

  • Turn the “Automatically Sync AR Customer” toggle On 

  • Click the “Connect/Reconnect” button to log into QBO just one time

    • Note: the one time login to QBO MUST be done from a browser, it can not be done from the Win 10 app

  • Click Save

*This feature is Off by default and is ONLY available to dealers that are set up with QBO.

Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release


  • Fixed an issue where Inventory Priority Override displayed inactive listings in the grid. 

  • Fixed an issue where the Stock Photo toggle automatically turned ON even after turning it OFF

  • Updated Customer Matching on Leads to not remove existing data

  • Fixed an issue in Mega Menu where Private OEMs displayed as out of order

Major Units

  • Show Discontinued value always be Yes in advanced search in Model Detail page

  • Fixed broken stylesheet on Manufactured Date in Receiving without PO


  • Fixed BRP Parts sometimes showing Canadian costs and prices

  • Fixed dealer level WPS Price files not always updating

  • Fixed an issue where some public parts not correctly showing the discontinued and or superseded to part number 

  • Parts Receiving - Warning message updated

  • Fixed an issue where dealers were unable to take AR payment for invoice amount.


  • Fixed an issue where repair orders duplicated when being sorted in the invoice list


  • Service Reports - Fixed an issue where tech efficiency was showing average efficiency instead of overall.

  • Composite Report - Fixed an issue where In Stock DT units were not showing on DX1 Business Composite report

  • Fixed Issues where the calculated Profit Numbers were not consistent across the various Sales / Revenue Reports


  • Fixed  an issue that caused error while applying DX1 Fiche for DMS page

  • Fixed Bug Stylesheet - Checkbox did not sort on DX1 Fiche for DMS Setting

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2021-06-14

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