Marketing/DMS Release May 17th, 2021

Updates / Features in this Release


Harley-Davidson Certified Pre-Owned Program

HD has introduced a Certified Pre-Owned program for its dealers. There were several changes made in support of that program.

The following changes apply to the dealers that are enrolled in the HD CPO Program. Some of the below changes are available to our Marketing only dealers too.

Talon DMS Connector Changes

Talon DMS Connector  has been updated with an additional type to indicate that a unit is CPO. Current Talon Connector needs to be updated so that InventoryType comes over and is stored with the unit in DX1 as an additional  condition: Certified Pre-Owned.

Changes to Listing Inventory (Also available to all MO Dealers)

We have added the Certified Pre Owned option in the search filter in listing inventory.

We have added a CPO toggle that appears next to the condition in the unit detail page in the Listing Inventory.You can manually mark any used inventory as CPO by turning the toggle ON. The toggle is disabled for any new inventory.

CPO Badge and Description

The HD CPO badge and description  will appear on the list and  the detail pages for the units that are marked as certified pre-owned in DX1.

Ability to Search CPO Units (Also available to all Website Dealers)

Certified Pre-Owned is now added as additional Condition in website searches.

CPO Option in the Website Navigation

You now have an option to add site navigation for “Certified Pre-Owned” that links to CPO inventory. This is the program requirement for our HD CPO dealers but can be built for other Marketing Only dealers upon request.

BMW Shift Program Update

  • BMW Motorrad Tagging Fixes

  • Created BMW Branded Page Skin

  • BMW Financial Reports

Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release


  • Fixed an issue where duplicate contact forms displayed when there were multiple featured inventory modules on a page.

  • Fixed- Ingles Performance Fiche zooming issue

  • Fixed stylesheet bug in Event Information page.

Major Units

  • We now check for and apply any Assembly changes every time a deal is Opened, Saved and Posted

  • MU Sales - Fixed an issue where DSP Changes were sometimes not saving

  • MU Deal Tax % - Fixed an issue that caused incorrect Tax %  when user disabled and  re-enabled the tax


  • Fixed an issue that caused Incorrect accounting entries to be created when a part was added from the Receiving List

  • Fixed-Users can delete a refunded part from a service invoice.

  • Service Parts -Fixed - Deleting Service parts caused out of balance accounting entries


  • Service Parts Invoice Grid - Fixed inconsistent Tab/Enter behavior that created a Part Number Loading Error

  • Fixed - Display Receipt Type dialog when completed service invoice with Open Receipt type Window set to Off


  • Fixed - Work in Progress report double counting parts under an open ROs that are on a unit sale

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2021-05-17

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