Marketing/DMS Release April 26th, 2021

Updates / Features in this Release

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Favorites Tile-set Update

As many of you had suggested, we now retain the original tile color when it is added to the Favorites tile set section. Click on the pencil icon to add your most used tiles to the favorite section if you have not done so already.

Fiche: Larger Thumbnails & OEM Name in the Page Tab

We have updated our parts fiche with larger thumbnails for better visibility of the parts. The thumbnail will now appear larger and clear. In addition, the manufacturer will appear in the page tab. We have done this so that if you have multiple Fiche tabs open you can easily identify which is which. 

Warning Message for IE 11 Users

Warning message will display when you log in DX1 using IE 11  browser.

Starting on May 12, 2021 you will no longer be able to use DX1 in IE 11. Please upgrade your browser to Chrome or Edge to ensure continuation of the service.


Inventory Sort Override

List your inventory in the order you want in your DX1 website. We have added a setting in DX1 called Inventory sorting that allows you to manually override inventory sort order for the listings in your website.

Sort Type option includes,

  • Default (No Override)

  • Category Override

    • A dropdown to select if the sort override is by Category.

    • Example: I want to show snowmobiles first.

  • Manufacturer Override

    • A dropdown to select if the sort override is by Make and Category.

    • Example: I want to show Polaris snowmobile first.

  • Manufacturer & Category Override

    • A dropdown to select if the sort override is by Make and Category.

    • Example: I want to show Polaris snowmobile first.

  • Inventory Priority Override

    • A dropdown to select override based on each individual unit 

    • Example: I want to sort all my inventory in my own order

To learn more about how to configure Inventory Sorting click the link below.

Help Documentation on Inventory Sorting

DX1 Planner Updates

We have made several changes to enhance the Planner in DX1.

Some of the changes includes,

  • A new planner look with a customizable Planner view.

    • You can configure the planner view  based on dealership hours and days of operation.

  • User View

    • Users will now only see the scheduled actions that have been created by them.  Managers will see all scheduled actions for all reps when looking at the calendar

  • Email Schedule Action

    • Emails set as scheduled action will be sent automatically on the scheduled date and time.

  • You can now add Scheduled Actions from within the Planner itself

To see the full list of Planner Update, please click on the link below.

Help Documentation on DX1 Planner Updates

Website Key Business Metrics report 

We have added a new report to help monitor your website's performance against key website-marketing best practices. This report will provide scores for the dealership within certain categories against industry benchmarks. You can configure to receive this report monthly in your email or can view it under the Reports tile in the Marketing Communication tile-set.

Mega Menu Display Order

Changes were made to display the mega menu order to match the Showroom Sort order. This was mainly done to keep consistency on  your dealership website.

DX1 Slideshow Additional Sizes

You need not worry about the image size not matching  the slider size while uploading it in DX1 slideshow. We have added a new set of sizes to the DX1 Slideshow menu for portrait image orientation. There is also a CUSTOM option on the menu that allows you to manually input the size of the images. These extra options will definitely make your image uploading experience easy and efficient.

ProductCategory Filters for Web Slideshow

You can now choose to only show Manufacturer Promotions for the specific product category you carry in your dealership. We have added a setting in DX1 for you to filter the manufacturer promotion based on product category. When the manufacturer promotion is enabled, you will see a link next to it to select the product category for which you wish to display promotions on your website. Only the promotions for selected product categories will display on your website slideshow.

BRP Updates

  • Added Lynx Brand Page & Overlay to BRP Smart Site

  • Added Lynx to BRP Featured Models module

  • Added Lynx to BRP Overlays & Module Settings

Yamaha Leads Integration

  • We have added the ability to receive leads from Yamaha for our dealers. Yamaha can now send leads to the DX1/Yamaha dealers.


Coming Soon Units

DX1 now allows you to receive units into inventory before they actually arrive, this allows you to:

  • Advertise the units on your website right away  - get leads coming in sooner

  • Create detailed quotes and or deals that include requested Parts and or Service - no need to switch out units and rebuild Requested Parts or Service invoices when the unit arrives

  • We do not  include 'Coming Soon' Units in any of the ShiftDigital Reports.

To use the feature simply click the “Not Yet Received” toggle when receiving the unit

For full details on how to use this feature: How to Receive and Manage “Coming Soon” Units

Parts Inventory Report Update

In the last of Bin improvements for this year we added bins 1,2,3 to Parts Inventory Current Valuation by Part Number Report as well as the printable version.

Preferred Notification on Service Scheduler

We have added a preferred notification method drop-down to the Schedule Appointment Pop Up. This allows you to set a preferred notification method for the customer if it had not previously been set.

Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release


  • FD #103110, #100463, #101360:Fixed an error where images uploaded from iPhone 12 were displaying mostly black

  • Fixed an issue when users got error 500 when verifying Price Alert

Major Units

  • We now check for changes to a unit’s Cost & Holdback every time a deal is loaded and or saved

  • FD#92700 Major Unit- Fixed an issue where taxes revert to prior amounts after changing a unit’s DSP

  • Incentive - Fixed Lost Delete Unit button in Add/Remove Models grid that occurred  in Edge browser.


  • FD - Fixed an issue where backordered parts could not be received using a scanner

  • FD# 97046 - Physical Inventory -Fixed issues when manually adding parts into the physical inventory count screen

  • FD# 102751 - Parts Ordering - Fixed an issue that caused large order to not allow PO creation 

  • Fixed an issue where the Part Price sometimes Changed after Saving a Parts Invoice

  • FD# 103941 - Bulk Items - Re Saving Bulk Private Parts Changes Price Book Cost

  • Fixed cannot Complete Sale Error that occurred in Parts/Service Invoice

  • FD# - Fixed an issue where ARI Fiche integration was not working on W10 app

  • Fixed issue where WPS Order Tracking was Returning an error


  • FD# 99875 - Fixed VIN Search not returning expected Fiche results

  • Fixed non stop loading when clicking 'View vehicle specification' icon with Kawasaki units

  • Fixed Service appointment confirmation SMS not always being sent


  • FD# 95302  Updated the button name, “Cancel” to “Close” on the Tech Timeclock screen to avoid user confusion.

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2021-04-26

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