Marketing/DMS Release January 11th, 2021

Updates / Features in this Release

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Favorite Tile Set and Recently Viewed in DX1 

Make your own favorite tile set in the DX1 dashboard! 

To make DX1 faster and easier to navigate, you can now select up to 6 favorite tiles from any section which will allow quick easy navigation without having to scroll every time.

There is also a Recently viewed section in the tile set which will dynamically update as you use DX1 and will give you direct access to your last 10 items in the following areas:

  • Customer Detail

  • Lead Detail

  • Part Inventory Detail

  • Major Unit Inventory Detail

  • Listing Inventory Detail

  • Part Sales Invoice Detail

  • Major Unit Sales Quote/Invoice Detail

  • Service Sales WE/RO Detail


Customer Match Rules Updated

We have Updated current customer matching rules so that if there is an exact match on email address OR phone number (without a name match) then we assign the lead to the same assigned salesperson.

Opt-Out Instruction on SMS alerts

We have added opt out instruction on outgoing SMS. “Reply STOP to unsubscribe” displays at the end of automated SMS messaging. 


Service Scheduler - Enhancements

We have added an “Appointment” link from WE / RO to an existing appointment in Service Scheduler

  • When you create a new work estimate using the "Create Estimate" button in the "Schedule Appointment" pop-up, a corresponding “Appointment” link will now be available in the WE/RO "Menu" drop-down.

  • If you delete a "Scheduled Appointment" with an existing link to the WE/RO Invoice, then the "Appointment" link in the Menu is no longer visible.

MU Sales Profit by Make Including Added Accessories  

A new report called “Major Unit Sales Profit by Make” was added to the Major Unit Reports list. 

This report allows you to clearly see

  • Profit by unit, make and overall
  • Accessories that were added to the unit - easy way to see if sales people are upselling customers when they come in to buy a unit.

Increased Part Number fields characters to 50

We have increased the  allowable character count for the part number fields to allow up to 50 characters. This should fix the truncating display issue of  part number.

Setting in Dealership Settings for How Long to Retain Voided Invoices

We have added a new setting in Dealership Accounting Settings where you can set how long to retain voided invoices (Parts, Service and Major Unit). The default selection is 12 months.  Dealers should review and select the setting that makes the most sense for their business.

Bug Fixes and Other Highlights in this Release


  • Fixed an issue when algolia Select Search Sometimes disappeared

  • Fixed an issue where offer section disappeared when model changed  in listing inventory

  • Fixed an issue where Talon Price Sync changed  Hide Price Toggle

  • Fixed an issue when it returned incorrect result when filtered manufacturer that is not available in a website

  • Removed KickFire related code

  • Removed Banner Builder Code

  • Fixed - "Show Current Model Year for Full Line Up" box not checked by default when creating a site


  • New XML fields for forms - Customer Cash Back Incentive Name(s)

  • Discard Changes warning coming up when it should not - Phase 1

  • SMS Notifications - Page freeze when click SMS template (Add New Customer)

  • Read only grids made responsive (Customer, MU and Dealership Settings)

Major Units

  • Save and View should not be prompted when selecting "unit profit" in MU Inventory

  • Red exclamation icon removed from MU Refresh


  • Parts SO Pickup - adding shipping before ship to remove taxes for part

  • Added a process to validate the quantity before submitting the order to Tucker

  • Fixed- Cannot call methods on igGridPaging prior to initialization; attempted

  • Unable to change part category - Fix Bulk Split

  • Fiche - Fixed- Fiche QTY OH not showing

  • Updated - Manticore search returns results from ALL catalogs (not just dealer owned)

  • Fiche - Updated Partsmart NEW web version and PMP Pro HTML Version


  • Added the ability to map Private MU vendors to AR customer which is required for Holdback to work

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2021-01-11

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