Marketing/DMS Release November 16th, 2020

Updates / Features in this Release


Testimonial Updates

You can now capture customers phone numbers through our Customer Survey Form!

As requested by many of our dealers, we have added a phone field in DX1 testimonial back end and updated our Customer Survey form to display the same. We have also updated some options on “How did you hear about us?” in Customer Survey form and reflected them to match in DX1 testimonial back end.

The updated options include,

  • Internet to Internet/Website

  • Newspaper to Paper Advertisement

  • Social Media

  • Dealer Events

Outgoing ADF Lead update

Finance leads will no longer be transmitted with outgoing ADF(Universal) leads; this ensures the leads remain open in DX1 for easier location and processing.

Planner Update

  • We have updated the planner calendar to the latest version of the full calendar. This will help you to set the appointment outside of default dealership hours. 

  • We have also added the ability to print planner calendar.


Tucker Parts Ordering

We continue to promote DX1 as an end to end solution.  In this release we have added our third Parts Ordering integration.  This allows you to complete even more of your day to day tasks without leaving DX1.

The Tucker parts ordering interface is very similar to our existing WPS and BRP interfaces and allows you to do everything you can in the Tucker Ordering portal today:

  • Check Parts Availability

  • Select Carriers

  • Select Distribution Center

  • Drop Ship

  • Add special instructions

  • Check shipping status of the order 

*Just like with WPS, you will need a Tucker Rocky “API Access Key” which you can request form your Tucker Sales rep

Parts Label Printing- Optimized

To make the parts label printing process more efficient for dealers we have made the following changes: 

  1. We have moved all search fields to the top of the main Parts Label Printing screen

  2. Changed the default source to be "In Inventory"

  3. Print List is retained even when you change the sources, you may click the delete all icon to start fresh 

  4. We removed warning if more than 100 items are loaded and have reduced it to show a max of 50 items just like in the parts inventory screen, this will improve performance

Discount Parts From a Service Invoice

Sometimes customers present a coupon when they come in to pick up a unit.  Today adding discounts for parts sold on a service invoice means clicking into each parts invoice which can be very time consuming especially if the parts invoice is already completed which it usually is.  

You now have the ability to edit a part’s discount right from the service invoice even if the part invoice is already completed.  

*Please note there are some scenarios where a parts discount can not be changed for example if there is a parent unit deal that is already completed

Service Scheduler - Additional Enhancements

To make the Service Scheduler process more usable for dealers we have made the following enhancements:

  • Ability to change the the appointment duration by using drag and drop

  • Ability to change the time/date of the appointment by using drag and drop

  • Ability to set Default View (e.g. day, week, month) 

  • Ability to set the default displayed hours and duration.

  • Hyperlinked RO# in the appointment to the RO/WE.

  • Ability to create a custom X-day view.

  • Ability to add an appointment outside of default dealership hours.

  • Ability to hide closed days with toggle on or off.

  • Changed time dropdowns from 24-hour clock to am/pm

Click here to learn more about How to set up and use Service Scheduling in your Dealership.

Service Unit Miles / Hours In & Out

We have added fields dedicated to Miles only and Hours only on the Service Unit Information Tab. There are now 4 numeric fields to capture the Miles In, Miles Out and Hours In, Hours Out vehicle data. This will allow dealers to track everything they need.

New Custom Report Designer with Templates

We have implemented a new much more capable report designer that helps you to quickly build the reports you need.


  • 11 Templates - will give you a quick starting point

  • You can do almost anything with the new designer including calculations

  • Does not require Flash - loads faster

Support A/R Customers for Multi Location Orgs

Multi location dealerships that have Charge Account (AR) customers no longer have to set up the same customer multiple times

The Customer’s AR settings are now specific to the location regardless of which dealership created the customer

  • AR On/Off

  • GL and AR account

  • Balance

  • Credit limit

AR charges and Payments in DX1 are now also specific to the location

Communication Content in Invoicing

You can now view sms or email communication content directly from the Invoicing screen.

Bug Fixes in this Release


  • Fixed an issue that caused 500 errors  when updating lead status on leads that do not have first names and last names.

  • FD# 94138, 95159:Fixed - Postinternetlead API should not have "request date"

  • Algolia: Added options to display Featured units only

  • Fixed SMS Dialog layout misalignment issue

Major Units

  • FD# 86871 - Fixed an issue where dealer could  no longer email a customer from the customer pop up within a MU invoice

  • FD#92809, 93116 F&I Only Sales adds the cost of the unit to the deal profit and accounting entries if user clicks "update Profit" button - We have now removed that button

  • FD# 93364, FD 85026 - Fixed an issue where in some scenarios a Salesperson incentive created accounting entries, and reduced the Unit’s Cost on the Profit Screen

  • Fixed an issue where status color of request Part Invoice was incorrect

  • Fixed an issue where a user was able to switch or remove a unit on a MU Deal that has requested service for that unit. A user should not be able to remove or switch units that are associated with a Requested Service invoice.


  • FD#89904 Parts-Fixed an issue that was only allowing a user to see the Inventory Detail once in Parts Ordering

  • Re wrote a warning message that was not clear to users when completing a parts invoice with a balance <> 0


  • Fixed an issue where a warning message displayed to save the invoice and print even when the user selected to not override.

  • Recreate Voided Service Invoice - Fixed to display Discard Changes warning

  • FD# 86209 - Added more logging to help us track down intermittent printing issues on service invoices

  • Fix the issue where a Save popup was coming up when you just looked at the service invoice detail


  • Fixed an issue that created incorrect accounting entries when parts were returned and new parts were added under a requested RO (still open) on a completed deal

Please respond with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

Release # D2020-11-16

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